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Stay Alert, ARMED and Dangerous!

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WATCH: No One Had A Problem Watching A Man Get Beaten Up Until He Pulled Out His Gun

WATCH: No One Had A Problem Watching A Man Get Beaten Up Until He Pulled Out His Gun

Society seems to have less of a problem watching someone get beaten up than watching the would-be victim defend himself with the best means possible.

The lesson here is that sometimes you don’t have anyone to rely on but yourself in the heat of the moment. Violence can come on suddenly and without warning.

Arm yourself!

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Another Reason to Be Armed: Armed Citizens STOP Mass Murders–A Long List of Proof

rime scene

It took the Orlando Police three hours to stop a mass murderer in a gay nightclub.   Armed citizens like you responded in seconds.  This happens not once, but time after time, and month after month.  Again, you stopped mass murder in May of 2016.  Similar reports from earlier months are listed here.

-A mass murder was defined as four victims of an armed attacker.  I continue to use that definition.  Our first example took place in Saint Andrew, South Carolina at about 10 in the morning.  The store owner and six customers were playing video games in a game store when two criminals tried to rob them.  The robbers wore masks and one robber carried a handgun.  The robbers took money from the store owner and then started to rob the customers at gunpoint.  That gave the store owner the chance he needed.  The store owner drew his firearm from his pocket and shot the armed robber several times.  Both robbers ran, and the armed robber shot back.  The store owner and customers were not hurt.  Police arrested the robbers at the local hospital.

–An armed man came into a Phoenix, Arizona taco restaurant and pointed a pistol at the store clerk.  The female store clerk opened the cash register and ran away.  She hid in the bathroom with several other people who worked at the restaurant.  The robber also approached another store employee, only this employee was armed.  The armed employee shot and killed the robber.  The store had been robbed earlier that week.  This time, none of the employees or customers were hurt.  The robbery happened at around 9 pm.  Police are looking for the eight customers who witnessed the robbery.

–A mentally ill man wasn’t feeling well.  He visited a mental health clinic in Houston, Texas.  The clinic agreed to reschedule the man’s appointment once he felt better.  The mentally ill man left, but returned to the clinic a half hour later.  He kicked through the glass doors, and threatened the staff and patients.  The patients and staff hid in their offices.  The violent mentally ill patient kicked on the solid doors as well. The mentally ill man then walked into a neighboring business in the same building.  There, the mentally ill man lunged at one of the customers.  The business owner shot him.  The business owner was licensed to carry a concealed firearm.

In contrast, the medical clinic was a “gun free zone” even though the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that more than sixty percent of workplace physical violence occurs in the health care workplace.

–A store owner and his son were working in the back office of their Florida liquor store.  It was noon when an armed and masked robber demanded money from an employee who walked out the back of the store.  That employee didn’t have the store’s money, so the employee led the robber up to the other store clerk who was working at the cash register.  That is when the owner and his son saw the robbery in progress.  They saw their employees held at gunpoint.  The robber demanded their money as well.  The store owner’s son drew his firearm and shot the thief several times.  The thief died at a local hospital.  None of the employees or customers were injured.

–A mentally disturbed man lived in a nearby home.  He tried to break into the wrong house, but the first home that the intruder tried to enter had a reinforced door.  The occupants told the intruder to go away.  The intruder went to yet another home in this Seattle neighborhood and started throwing furniture through the front window as he yelled and cursed at four in the morning.

This homeowner heard his windows breaking.  He retreated with his wife and two daughters to their back bedroom.  The homeowner also had his gun and a phone.  One of his teenage daughters called police.  After the stranger broke through the front of the house, the homeowner left the back room.  The intruder moved toward the homeowner and the homeowner shot him.

Arriving deputies heard the shots and found the wounded suspect in the front yard. They applied a  tourniquet to the intruder’s leg before medics transported him to the hospital for treatment.  The mentally ill man survived his injuries.

–A 25 year old man barged into a busy sporting goods store in Memphis and demanded money.  News reports are not clear whether it was a store employee or a store customer who took exception to being robbed at gunpoint.  In either case, one of the robbery victims was armed with a concealed weapon of his own.  He shot the armed robber.  The robber was taken to a local hospital where he died.  Neither the defender nor other customers and staff were hurt.

One customer said, “I’m only 24 and I really want to get away from Memphis.”

These are a few examples where you prevented mass murder in May.  Instead of saying “Thank you,” socialist politicians propose more laws to disarm the victims of violent crime.  I have a different plan.  I trust my neighbors to keep us safe.  Neighbors just like you.

I report on Self-Defense Stories each week.

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Another Reason To Be Armed: Off-Duty K9 Deputy Sheriff Saves The Day


Something missing?

On Wednesday, an off-duty K9 deputy sheriff was enjoying lunch with his wife at a quiet restaurant in a shopping mall in MA. Without warning, a man crashed his car into the mall entrance, then entered the restaurant and began stabbing people.

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The heroic deputy confronted the suspect with his “personally owned” pistol, which he was carrying concealed. Officer fired a single round. Suspect was struck and was DRT. Officer was unhurt.

This officer’s incisive, resolute action doubtless saved a number of innocent lives!

The story was reported in the media, as one would expect, but one thing is missing:

No praise for the heroic officer, nor thanks that he had been armed off duty, which he should have been, nor acknowledgment that good people with guns are the only effective deterrent to such lethal outbursts.

The leftist media has a rule that guns are never to be portrayed in a positive manner, so heroes like this officer are not honored for taking decisive action when it needed to be.

If our officer had tackled this crazed murderer, and had been seriously injured in the process, and the murderer had then gone on to murder others, the media would be falling all over themselves, praising his “restrained intervention.” But, because he correctly and skillfully used his pistol, stopping the murdering instantly, all the media can do is fawn over the poor, misunderstood murderer, forgetting the hero officer altogether.

Our police officer carry guns a reason!

The naive in our ivory-tower media foolishly believe that no use of force, certainly deadly force, by police is ever necessary. But, just listen to their fearful bleat when they’re threatened and plead with police to protect them!

They need to get out more, maybe even learn how to shoot!


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Another Reason to be Armed: You Can Stop Mass Murder, February Report

Ordinary citizens stopped mass murder.  Mass murder is defined as four or more victims killed in the same event.

Many people were at risk in the stories this month.  Armed citizens like you saved lives until the police could come and make an arrest.  You did it, and the media never gave you credit.

Let me say, “Thank you!”  Here are a few of the news stories since reported in mid-January.



You saved lives in a shopping mall.

22 year old Matthew Willhite was carrying his handgun concealed as he does every day.  This day he was with his girlfriend in a sopping mall in Anchorage, Alaska.  It was an ordinary day.. until a mall security guard approached another man and told him to stop.  The man was being detained for shoplifting.  The shoplifter was armed, and the shoplifter drew his gun and pointed it at the security guard.  The guard pushed the gun away and the two men struggled.

Matthew Willhite heard the security guard yell “Gun, gun, gun!” and then yell for help.  Willhite pulled his own firearm and pointed it at the armed thief.  Willhite said “that I had a gun and he should drop it, and he eventually saw (the 45).  Once he dropped (his) gun, the security officer handed it to me, so I kicked it behind me and kept (my gun) on him until the security officers put handcuffs on him.”  Willhite said he had his gun at “an angle where he could see me, but nobody else (behind him) was going to get hurt.”

Some critics would say this example shouldn’t count as armed defense because Matthew didn’t fire his gun.  Honest armed civilians use their legally owned firearms thousands of times a day in self-defense.  Fortunately, few of them are forced to press the trigger.

You saved lives in a convenience store.

This incident started with a loud bang.  The robber stepped past the customers standing in line and started shooting.  The store owner and another employee grabbed guns that were hidden behind the counter at Snappy’s Convenience Store in Deerfield Beach, Florida.   The owner and employee fired back .. several times.  The store owner’s gun jammed.  By the time the store owner secured a third gun that he had hidden behind the counter, the thief was down and out of the fight.

This was the third time the store owner faced an attempted armed robbery.  This was the third time they fought back and prevailed.

You saved lives in a barbershop.

Two masked and armed criminals pushed their way into a crowded Columbia, South Carolina barbershop.  One of the robbers carried a long gun and the other had a handgun.  The robbers told the men, women and children in the shop that they were going to die if they didn’t do as they were told.   The two thugs told the customers to put their hands up, and one by one, to empty their pockets.  Fortunately, two of the victims had concealed carry permits.. and they were armed.  The barber told the robber that his money was on a shelf behind the barber chair.  When the robber turned, the barber and another store customer started shooting.  Their shots struck one of the robbers several times.

The two criminals ran from the barbershop. None of the customers or employees in the barbershop were injured.

Those are three examples where armed civilians stopped mass murder.  In contrast, socialists politicians propose more and more regulations to disarm honest citizens.  Those politicians say we would be safer if the entire United States was declared as a gun-free zone.  These politicians ignore that the vast majority of mass murders in the United States are committed in gun free zones.

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Another Reason to Be Armed: Property Mgr. Shoots Burglar Dead in Las Vegas


Somewhere, everyday in the USA, 2100+ people use a gun for self defense, to stop a crime or save the lives of themselves or their family.

“We believe that the American public deserve to understand that on the average, guns save 2,191 lives and are used to thwart crimes every day,” says Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation

Most times you won’t see these tales on the news as it does not fit the main stream media’s story line of “Guns and Gun Owners are Bad“.

This is just one of those stories;

A locksmith called the property manager for a home in Las Vegas, Nev. to alert them that there was a person in the house.

The property manager went to the home and checked the front and backyard of the property. While in the backyard, the property manager encountered a burglar and responded to the threat by drawing a gun. An altercation ensued.

The fist fight goes to the ground, at some point, I don’t know if he regains his footing, but he’s able to retrieve his firearm. The property manager draws his weapon and starts giving verbal commands to the black male and then at that point, he engages in a fist fight, Lt. McGrath said. Then the burglar was shot and killed.

Police discovered tools inside a backpack, which they believe the burglar used to break into the house.

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