Protecting Your Gun Safe and it’s Contents from an EMP

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Unlike most EMP articles, this is a VERY relevant and Practical Topic to Consider!

Prepare Accordingly!

Gun Access vs. Gun Safety


With the recent lib-tard media blitz on gun safety and kids, (with a heavy emphasis on demonizing people who let their kids shoot and handle guns), I thought it relevant to review the often neglected and under-discussed subject that is often the reason for kids getting hurt and/or killed by guns in the home: The parent wanting QUICK ACCESS to the weapon in case of emergency, places the weapon in a “hide” spot and does not lock it up. Now before I start, let me be clear on my personal position on Children and Gun Safety. Being a parent myself, I am a firm believer that PROPER TRAINING, EDUCATION, STEADFAST PARENTAL SUPERVISION and GOOD OLE’COMMON SENSE are the keys to success with kids and gun’s.

However, despite a parents best efforts in ALL these areas, we can inedibly count on 2 things:

  • We CANNOT be around and/or SUPERVISE our kids 24/7/365
  • We can never do away with a child’s natural tendency to disobey their parents at some point in their life!

Now before we go any further, let’s address an issue almost all the “gun safety gurus” preach,  (including the NRA), which contributes to our dilemma:


I want to take issue with that last sentence. An unloaded gun cannot kill a child who might stumble upon it; yes that is true, but it is also cannot kill the armed intruder, serial rapist or murderer who might be trying to break into your house. My point being guys, is it prudent for the CO (for safety’s sake alone) to store both his weapons and ammo separately, locked up? Will the time it cost him to unlock the safe, get the weapon, go get the ammo, load the weapon and address the threat be too much? Regardless of what scenario you play out, in this author’s experience, TIME is everything in a high stress/violent encounter and you are intentionally putting yourself “Behind the 8- ball” by doing this.

SECONDS MEAN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LIFE AND DEATH. Separating your PRIMARY Self-Defense Firearm and it’s Ammo is a BAD IDEAL. To re-iterate: “An Unloaded Gun Cannot Kill”  or to put it another way: AN UNLOADED FIREARM IS THE SAME AS A 2 or 3 LB CLUB. That is not to say you could not separate the rest of your firearms in your house and the ammo, just not your PRIMARY firearm you use for home defense, whatever that may be (Sidearm or Long Arm).


As in most things, in searching for the answer the correct response often lies in moderation (or the middle of the road) as the best approach.

2 possible solutions:

  1. Keep a fully loaded, cocked and locked firearm locked up in a quick access (biometric) safe. This will provide you the quickest way to access a ready to use firearm, without the need to fumble for keys or codes.
  2. Carry your personal firearm openly or concealed on your person while at home (on your private property), while keeping all other firearms locked up accordingly. 

Listen guys, there are no easy answers to some of these problems, but there are answers. The current propaganda blitz by the Obama White House and all his media cronies over “Gun Safety” is just yet another ruse to stir up national emotional fervor and sentiment over guns and dead children. Sandy Hook did not work, nor did any of the recent school shootings, so here they go trying a different approach. The liberals single-minded anti-gun agenda (while trying to hide behind the moderate/benign view of “Opening a Discussion on Gun Safety and Children”) has been to “Throw out the Baby with the Bath Water” and paint Guns, and the people who advocate using guns for self-defense as “Dangerous Nut Jobs”. Now, to add more insult, they have painted the same people who are also parents, as “Unsafe” & “Selfishly Dangerous” because they are putting their own children at risk by their beliefs!? What a pitiful, last ditch ploy. Shame on you Obama and all your media puppet cronies out there, including the producers at 60 Minutes, Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer and David Muir.

Stay Strong, Stay Armed, Hold Fast to your Beliefs, Always use Common Sense and as always, Stay Dangerous!!