Welcome to the Real World Dumbass

Baltimore man who painted hundreds of “No Shoot Zones” on sidewalks and buildings around the city shot Tuesday morning in East Baltimore


Yeah Painting something on a wall is cute until the bullet’s start flying.

When will you ASSHAT’S learn that these thugs could give two shit’s about your GUN FREE or NO SHOOT ZONES?

Arm Yourself and Prepare Accordingly if you Want to Live.


Dose of Truth: Red Storm Rising!


There are precious few of us who can remember any “school shooting” that occurred within CONUS, before 1990.

That was the year then-Senator Joe (“… and all you need is a double-barrel shotgun”) Biden proposed the “Gun-Free School Zone Act” that was subsequently passed and signed into law by our good friend, and professing “Republican,” George HW Bush!

This signaled the ominous commencement of the “Gun-Free Zone” movement, and the simultaneous beginning of school shootings in America!

This legislation makes it a federal offense for even a police officer in a school to shoot at a terrorist, who is in the process of murdering innocent children, when the officer is off duty! It makes one wonder if any of these donor-seeking politicians ever actually read the legislation upon which they’ve voting!

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Gun Free Zones=Easy Targets for Maniacs

The stats don’t lie. Gun Free Zones are an open invitation for maniacs and terrorist to MURDER. Let’s wake up lib-tard lawmakers, the solution is not more restrictive gun laws regulations, the solution is to equip the law-abiding citizen with every TOOL they need to defend themselves. -SF



Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)- During an October 1 2015 appearance on CNN’s Newroom, former US Marshal Art Roderick said the gunman at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College probably chose his target by knowing it was as gun free-zone and therefore “an easy target.”

Roderick’s exact words: “[The gunman] probably knew that the facility was a gun free facility, [which is] an easy target for these kinds of coward individuals. They know they’re not going to get any response unless they happen to run into security or a campus police officer.”

Roderick went on to explain that the key for investigators right now is ascertaining the gunman’s motive and figuring out how he got his weapon(s).

On August 2 Breitbart News reported that eight attacks with firearms in gun free zones in the last eight years resulted in the lost of 105 lives and the wounding of 150 others. Those attacks were on the Lafayette Grand Theater (July 23), Chattanooga (July 16), Fort Hood (April 2, 2014), DC Navy Yard (September 16, 2013), Sandy Hook Elementary (December 14, 2012), Aurora movie theater (July 12, 2012), Fort Hood (November 5, 2009), and Virginia Tech (April 16, 2007)
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