Irish Shotgun

Minimalist 101: Sometimes a piece of pipe, a nail, some shotgun shells and a whole lot of Attitude is all you need.

Impro Guns

Members of the Irish Gardai were reportedly fired upon by a man armed with a pocket pipe during a drug raid on a property in Cork.

“They are known as slam bang shotguns – they are very crude but very effective improvised firearms, they work every time and never jam,” said Det Insp Coholan, adding CCTV footage showed them being moved into the house from a nearby derelict property in the days before the raid.

He said that in addition to the two improvised shotguns and the discharged cartridge, gardaí also found 20 other live rounds of ammunition as well as a collection of pitchforks, slash hooks, a broken pool cue and a knife as well as 25 petrol bombs ready for use, some in the house and some in a shed. “

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Guerilla Gunsmithing: .22 improvised firearms

A stroll down the plumbing aisle at Home Depot and wha-la you got yourself a .22 Magnum Pistol.


Impro Guns

Deadly concealable untraceable Ghost Guns assembled from screwed together bits from the plumbing and bathroom section.

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In Memoriam: JStark


JStark was the man behind the documentary on 3D Printed Guns in Europe: Plastic Defense

Thanks to Impro Guns for the Heads Up.

Live Free or Die.


Guerilla Gunsmithing

Gunsmith Tools – Top 5 Tools You Should Own


Learn how to repair and modify your own weapons to include Field Repair.

It’s not as hard as you think.

Hard Times a Comin’.

Prepare Accordingly.