Guerilla Gunsmithing: .22 improvised firearms

A stroll down the plumbing aisle at Home Depot and wha-la you got yourself a .22 Magnum Pistol.


Impro Guns

Deadly concealable untraceable Ghost Guns assembled from screwed together bits from the plumbing and bathroom section.

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In Memoriam: JStark


JStark was the man behind the documentary on 3D Printed Guns in Europe: Plastic Defense

Thanks to Impro Guns for the Heads Up.

Live Free or Die.


Guerilla Gunsmithing

Gunsmith Tools – Top 5 Tools You Should Own


Learn how to repair and modify your own weapons to include Field Repair.

It’s not as hard as you think.

Hard Times a Comin’.

Prepare Accordingly.


Guerilla Gunsmithing 101: 4 Minute AK Fixes

From an older Recoil Web article, 2016


4-Minute AK Fixes


With the current state of things about to go from bad to worse, I dredged up this article from 2016.

The ability to be able to repair and/or modify your AK in the field using basic materials you can find around the house is one of the beauties of this Russian work horse.

Take Note and Prepare Accordingly.