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Learn how to repair and modify your own weapons to include Field Repair.

It’s not as hard as you think.

Hard Times a Comin’.

Prepare Accordingly.


Guerilla Gunsmithing 101: 4 Minute AK Fixes

From an older Recoil Web article, 2016


4-Minute AK Fixes


With the current state of things about to go from bad to worse, I dredged up this article from 2016.

The ability to be able to repair and/or modify your AK in the field using basic materials you can find around the house is one of the beauties of this Russian work horse.

Take Note and Prepare Accordingly.


Paltik shotgun, Ilocos

Mad Max style Shotgun.
Looks like an Orion or Lin 12 Gauge Flare Pistol HEAVILY Modified.👍😜
Think Outside the Box and Stay Armed!

Impro Guns

A typical paltik shotgun seized last month in Ilocos, Philippines.

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Know Your Weapons: 3D Printed Firearms with Deterrence Dispensed

As the technology improves in 3D Printing, the possibilities are exciting and endless.

Guerilla Gunsmithing! Learn it, Love it!

“3D printed firearms are no longer one shot wonder toys… They are serious weapons that can compete with their manufactured counterparts. Enjoy this in depth discussion with the anonymous heads of the decentralized design group Deterrence Dispensed.” Full version at LBRY.

via Unstoppable Freedom with Deterrence Dispensed — Impro Guns

Sheet Metal .22 Derringers

Guerilla Gunsmithing 101: Learn it, Know it!

Impro Guns

Four different models built from the Professor Parabellum DIY Sheet Metal Derringers plan book.

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