There is Justice in the World!

‘Sanctuary City’ NYC Mayor Declares State Of Emergency After Migrants Overwhelm Resources


I would like all the naysayers and lib-tard MSM who said that Texas Governor Greg Abbott sending busloads of illegals to New York, Martha’s Vineyard and Washington D.C. was a quote a “political stunt” to now bend over and kiss his ass.

Far from any kind of stunt, what Governor Abbott did was give these liberal elitist a REALITY CHECK as to what Texas and all the other Border States go through every single day of the year.

And to top it off, thanks in part to a lawsuit filed by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and Eight Other States, DACA’s Days are Numbered!



The Ultimate FUSA Reality Check


Let’s do a recap of the Martha’s Vineyard drama, shall we?


Texas governor buses migrants to VP Kamala Harris’ residence

Yep it’s all Bleeding Heart Liberalism and Canned Speeches about “No Borders on being Human” until 48 hungry wetbacks show up on your front porch.

Kudos to Governor Abbott and DeSantis for dishing out a SMALL Reality Check to the East Coast Liberal Elite of what a majority of Texans and people who live in the Border States have to deal with EVERYDAY OF THE WEEK, 365 Days of the Year!








Thank You Governor Abbott and Fuck You Joe Biden

First migrant bus from Texas arrives in DC, drops them blocks from Capitol


All I can say is keep them Rolling Governor Abbott and PLEASE drop some of them off at 1600 Pennsylvania at the Front Door.


Texas News: Governor Threatens to Bus Illegals to D.C.

Gov. Abbott threatens to bus ‘large number of migrants’ to Washington D.C.


Kudos to Governor Abbott for throwing this illegal immigration shit sandwich right back in Biden’s face.

Let’s see how he likes it with thousands of illegals shitting and pissing on the Capital steps and raising the D.C. crime rate even higher.

Fuck You Joe Biden.



Texas News: Operation Lone Star

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Unveils “Operation Lone Star” Program to Secure Texas’s Border Against Drug and Human Trafficking


For those lucky few out there that still have a State Government with steel in their balls, Instead of worrying about the First and Second Amendment being trampled on, see to it that the Tenth Amendment stays intact, because when you have a Federal Government that is completely off the rails and is no longer UPHOLDING and DEFENDING the Constitution, State’s Rights are your last vestige of hope before the shooting starts.

Prepare Accordingly.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!