The Ruby Ridge Siege: The Forgotten History of the ATF Standoff That Started a Militia Movement

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While Randy Weaver’s stand might have made the Feds think twice about coming in guns blazing the next time they can’t strongarm someone – with an eccentric lifestyle and unusual beliefs – into turning informant, this is likely cold comfort for Weaver who lost his 14-year-old son and wife.

This is why those in the freedom, patriot, Constitutional, survival and Second Amendment movements remember this day. It is a chilling reminder of the predatory and aggressive nature of federal law enforcement.


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It’s worth re-posting this to urge all my readers to SAVE THIS work to a Flash Drive ASAP.

This is some of the finest investigative journalism EVER DONE.

Don’t let the Work Mike did be in vain.

Karl Dahl sends: Mike Vanderboegh’s Absolved is available online in a completed form. Get it before it gets memory holed.

Absolved — American Partisan

California Illegal Alien Giveaway Helpline Gets 1.1 M Calls in 1 Day

I called this.

Next step is “Civil Unrest” (aka illegal beaners burning down stores and stealing shit) and I can’t wait.

California will burn for it’s stupidity by the hand of the very people they love more than their own citizenry and it’s fitting.


Another Black Felon Murders Innocent White Woman Due to the Corona Jailbreak

Felon Given Coronavirus Jailbreak Arrested, Charged With First Degree Murder

How many body bags you gotta fill with INNOCENT WHITE PEOPLE before you liberal assholes realize this was a bad fucking ideal?

Wake Up Folks, these Government Gangsters don’t give a shit about your Safety or Security.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!