When Just Owning a Gun Makes You “Crazy”

Implications of “mental-health purges” aka: gun violence restraining orders from a friend in a position to know:

“In the former Soviet Union, this was commonly known among the general population as ‘going crazy.’

Many a Russian thus suddenly ‘went crazy,’ was then visited by the KGB, and subsequently disappeared for prolonged periods.

Most were never seen again!

The State alone (KGB) decided who was ‘crazy,’ and who wasn’t, and there was no such thing as an appeal process, nor a ‘second opinion!’

After you were imprisoned, interrogated, tortured, starved, drugged, and neglected (sometimes for years), you might be returned to your family (assuming you had been broken sufficiently by their methods), when you managed to live through it.

As noted, most didn’t!

What liberal snowflakes in our generation don’t realize is that the exact same anti-gun laws they are currently promoting will be expanded and applied here, just as they were there.

After all law-abiding gun-owners have been eliminated, no leftist government has ever retained their ‘useful idiots’ after their ‘usefulness’ has been exhausted.

The only solace is in knowing that liberal morons will ultimately suffer the same fate as the law-abiding and brave.

No, you say? This law is only about taking the guns away from crazy people.

And yet, ‘crazy people’ with rental trucks, kitchen knives, fuel cans, screwdrivers, or even sharpened pencils are also dangerous, because they can easily murder ‘one person’ with their improvised weapons.

And, since these laws are about saving ‘just one person,’ we need to utilize it to its full effect and eliminate ‘crazy people’ from society, because they represent a threat, even without guns.

Don’t believe this?

The ‘Concluding Solution to The Jewish Question’ wasn’t the first law put into effect, but it was the ‘Final Answer,’ if you recall!”


With this on the horizon, there is all the more reason U.S. gun owners need to reinforce our practice of minimizing the number of people who know we have guns and are always armed. All this needs to be a carefully-guarded secret.

And, we need to be very careful about what we say, and to whom!

We’ve all crossed paths with enough disgruntled acquaintances, sometimes including family members, who might seek to harm us by going to some judge and insisting that we’re “crazy.”

“When they’ve taken your guns, then they’ll come for your sons.” ~ Jewish Partisan, 1939


Reprinted with Permission from John Farnam

The Original Article can be found at Defense Training 

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!

Government Gangsters: DHS Goons Coming Soon To A Polling Place Near You



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Wow, if there was ever a time when the old saying “We are From The Government and are Here to Help.” Should be viewed with healthy skepticism, if not outright distrust, it is NOW!!

Nine State so far have elected to have this “Help”. That number will most likely triple in the next few days.

At least ONE Politician is seeing the whole picture clearly:

Louisiana Secretary of State Tom Schedler told the commission the election security rhetoric in the media and in Congress should be ratcheted down.  

“The last we thing we need is the creation of a new post office department or a new TSA in the area of elections in this country,” he said, referring to the formation of the Transportation Security Administration under DHS. “Leave it in the states. That’s what the Constitution says. Leave it there. We know what we’re doing. We need your assistance. We want it. But let’s everybody stay in their lanes.”  

Federal Government “Staying in their Own Lane.” Boy wasn’t  that the good ole’ days!

Yet another Govt. Agency being created to “protect” Americans??

“Federal Election Protection Agency” maybe?  Wow that even rhymes.

You know this just occurred to me this morning.

I cannot recall a time when the Govt. moved SO FAST in order to fix a problem… I mean it takes FEMA a week or more to mobilize just to hand out water for God’s sakes!

From the time all this “election hacking” started to an actual boots on the ground “fix”, has been a just a matter of a few weeks.

Sorry, even though I am not a member of the infamous “tin foil hat club”, I am calling bullshit on this one.

Classic Govt. MO: Create a Problem so you can “Fix” the problem and thereby exert Control and Influence.

Blame it on “Russian hackers” “Chinese Cyber Criminals” or “Islamic Terrorist”, whichever.

Make it an issue of “National Security” and the majority of sheeple consent as they are slowly herded into their cages.

Wake Up Folks! The Fix is In!

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!