DTG’s 2021 Updated 10 Week (If You’re Lucky) Plan to Prepare for the Worst-Case Scenario



DTG’s 2021 Updated 10 Week (If You’re Lucky) Plan to Prepare for the Worst-Case Scenario


This is an excellent Get Your Shit Together and Your Head out of Your Ass article!

To reiterate the most important point:

TIME is of the essence and everything mentioned is going to be harder to obtain and more expensive as time goes by, so ACT NOW!

Gathering weapons and supplies is very important but even more important is HAVING A PLAN and TRAINING!

Here are a few articles in my File Cabinet that might help you:


  1. The 5 Gun Theory (In Choosing Firearms)

  2. Is your Blow Out Kit Stocked and Ready? (Medical/Field Trauma)

  3. Outfitting your GO-RIG (Fighting Rig)


Stop wasting TIME and start PREPARING!


Arm Thy Neighbor: The Type 81 Chest Rig

I am a big fan of the Chest Rig.


Here are three articles I did on the subject a while back:


Constructing a WAR Rig

The Mad Max Chest Rig

Outfitting Your GO-RIGS


If there’s one GIANT takeaway from the COVID-19 pandemic, its that a whole lot of people are waking up to the reality that no, tomorrow may not be promised. At least not the same way we lived yesterday. Its a different world today than three weeks ago, and while a lot of you out there…

via Arm Thy Neighbor: The Type 81 Chest Rig — American Partisan

Gear Review: 3 Pieces of “Have-to-Have” Prepper Gear from County-Comm


So on that note, My good  “be a prepper too” friends (ha ha, made a joke Mike)  at County-Comm have sent me a few more things to Review for you guys, and I have to say, one of them is my favorite so far. All 3 pieces of this gear is a definite “Must Have” for the Prepper IMO, because each of these things first of all, fulfill a definite NEED and besides that, can also fill many ROLES within the self-sufficient/prepper lifestyle.


Frontier Emergency Water Filter



Weight: 1oz
Color: OD Green
Filters Capacity: 30 Gallons
Quality: 99.9 Cryptosporidium & Giardia Removal
Straw: Length 6 in. & diameter Mouth .5
Straw Material: BPA-free plastic
Filter length: 3.75 in. Diameter: 1 in.
Filter uses compacted carbon powder to create mechanical filtration only allowing particles smaller than 2 microns through, and as a chemical filtration allowing the carbon to absorb any unwanted chemicals.

Now this is one of those “no brainer” pieces of kit. There is no reason in the world that any serious prepper would not have one of these in his BOB, VBOB, Go-Bag, Survival Pack, Range Bag and just for the heck of it, one for the kid’s school backpacks too.

Let’s face it: no person alive can escape the “Rule of 3’s” (3  minutes without Oxygen, 3 Hours Without Shelter, 3 weeks without food but only 3 Days without Water.) Having clean drinking water is a MUST to survive. That is why one of the FIRST things you should stock all your serious PREPPER packs with is:

  • 2 or 3 of these Frontier Emergency Straws (Figure 2 per person)
  • Bottle of Aquamira Water Purification Drops or Tablets
  • Large Volume Water Purifier (Katadyn, Sawyer, etc.)

Not to get too deep into the “planning” part of prepping, but you should always have a “Shelter in Place” plan and a “Mobile/Get the Hell out of Dodge” plan. The reason being, you never know which will be better until THAT DAY COMES. Having been through 4 hurricanes, 3 tornadoes and one major flood, I can attest to this fact! Sometimes going “mobile” is a decision  nature makes for you!

Having a few of these Frontier Straws and a bottle of Aquamira Tablets in your BOB is the perfect “Mobile” Plan For the single person. It will take up very little space in your pack but yet will be one of the most important things you carry. For those of you taking care of of a family, invest in a large capacity Katadyn Water Filter.

Another thing about the frontier straw is it is “all-in-one” self-contained unit. The plastic bag it comes in is used as a handy water container, and if needed, you could even use the cardboard that the directions come on as tinder to start you a fire if needed! The guys at County-Comm were thinking of everything!

Tube-a-Ton (Black Delrin)


From County-Comm’s website description:

The Tube-A-Ton is a multipurpose self defense tool built to hold small survival kits including: AA battery, geo-caching, pet identification, emergency cash stash, water purification tablets storm proof matches, cotton balls for fire starting, pills, needle, thread, etc. One side of the Tube-A-Ton is a battery locker which fits AA batteries perfectly. Brand new, never used overrun from government contract. Each side has a tight o-ring seal to prevent exposure to moisture in the toughest conditions. Has large loop hole for attaching lanyards and split rings for EDC (Every Day Carry).

The Tube-a-ton represents one of the many “neat” pieces of kit you can find at County-Comm! This thing is BOTH a self-defense kubotan and the perfect micro storage tube. I quickly found out when you stash a couple of extra AA Batteries on each side  it gives the tube just the right heft for the perfect striking tool. The unit comes with washers to make it watertight, so don’t stress about the weather.

As the description states, the sky is the limit on what you could stash in this thing, but whatever you decide, I can guarantee it will hold up, the material this thing is built from (Delrin), a DuPont resin that is used primarily as a replacement for METAL in all types of commercial and medical applications. That being said, if you ever need to use this thing as a striking tool, take heart! It will do the job and then some!

Maratac TLL Strobe Light Rev 2


This nifty little gadget is without a doubt the neatest thing I have EVER got from County-Comm! Now I will admit, I am a flashlight geek, but this light goes way beyond just a good flashlight; it is 3 things in 1: Flashlight, Lamp and Strobe.

First the specs:

  • Length: 3.45″ Diameter: 1.25″‚
  • Weight: 60 Grams Without Battery & 130 Grams With Battery. (Just over a 1/4 of a pound)
  • Comes with extra o-ring
  • LED Type: Cree XP-5 R5/G2 with a life span up to 50,000 hours. ( Diffused Beam )
  • The reflector is aluminum alloy
  • Flashlight body is made of aircraft grade aluminum covered with Type III Military grade anodization.
  • The lens is a sealed polypropylene sphere.
  • Has standard tripod mount threaded bottom for easy mounting
  • The TLL’s proprietary circuit design features reverse polarity protection and runs off of one C Cell battery that provides 3 levels of operation ( Constant High / Constant Low / Stobe )
  • Twist on for High
    Twist on again for Low
    Twist on again for Strobe
  • 3 Second Memory and then resets

Using a single Duracell C Cell battery we got the following results:

  • Constant On, Low mode, 40 lumens output for upto 375 hours
  • Constant On, High mode, 300 lumens output for upto 75 Hours
  • Strobe mode, 300 Lumens output for upto 150 Hours ( 70 Beats Per Minute )

Now like most everything in County-Comm’s inventory, this piece of kit has a military/emergency services background. It was initially designed as a safe way to set up LZ markers (Landing Zones) when flares were most likely either too much of a fire hazard or just too much of a hassle. The way a civilian could utilize this nifty piece of gear is virtually unlimited; just a few suggestions:

  • Mark a duck or deer blind
  • Mark your vehicle in a large, strange parking lot
  • Emergency Light when broke down on side of road
  • As a Camp Light when camping or hiking
  • As a Reading Light when the power goes out
  • Attach a string of paracord and hang it around your neck as a homing beacon when either lost in the woods or maybe during hunting season during low light while walking to your blind so you don’t get mistaken for a deer! Sounds crazy, but that why Blaze Orange is mandatory in some states, but what good is Blaze Orange when you can barely see?


These are just a FEW examples, but when you get to thinking about it, Every GO-BAG needs one of these; it is just too utilitarian to not have one, seriously! And besides that, look at the battery usage times! Talk about the EXTREME Prepping Light! Off of one C Battery you get (on low with 40 lumens) over fifteen and a half days of run time! on high you get 3 days, but hey it pushing over 300 Lumens! On Strobe, with 300 lumens you get 6 days of run time. Talk about MAXIMIZING battery power, friend, this gadget does it and then some.

Plus it is a Maratac product, and if you guys have been paying attention, (I already reviewed their Extreme AAx2 Tactical Light) Maratac does not play around when it comes to quality or toughness! One really cool feature you will find on just about every Maratac light is the fluorescent green ring around the bulb; after being on for a while, it glows green for a good span of time to make it easy to find in the dark; very neat feature! It also has holes in the bottom cap to attach a lanyard or a foot of paracord.

Stay Prepared, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


Building your Kids a SHTF “Key Ring”



If you are a parent and are like me, for every thought that passes through your mind about preparation, survival and security, there is always another thought that follows close behind that ask how it applies to your kids. In going over a basic SHTF plan, most families have to consider that their is a strong likelihood their kids will be in school when the hammer drops. Now for all you good folks that home school, of course you are one-step ahead on this, and God Bless you for it, but for the rest of us with kids in Public or Private school, we have to deal with the problem of having to scoop them up before doing anything else, whether that be Shelter in place or Bug-Out.

So all this got me to thinking, (which according to my wife, can be a BAD thing), wouldn’t it be SMART to put together a simple, practical little kit that could fit inside your kids school backpack that would contain things to help them survive and stay safe at least until you got there to pick them up or worst case if they got separated from you for a period of time? (Which is one of the reasons you need to have planned RALLY POINTS to meet up at if they have to BUG-OUT from the school).

Now, of course,it goes without saying that none of these items could violate any of your child’s school policies on weapons or other “prohibited items”. I mean you don’t want to appear like that “Crazy Prepper Dad”, but then again, you don’t want to be just another “Asleep-at-the-wheel Sheeple” who depends on EVERYBODY ELSE  (Including the Government and Public/Private School System) to take care of their child’s welfare either!

In putting together such a kit, initially I thought about a full blown mini GO-BAG that could fit in their backpacks, complete with a trauma kit; but after talking to my kids, I realized that no matter how cool kids may think “prepping” is, carrying around a small pack full of gear IN ADDITION to all of their heavy books and other school stuff is not acceptable and just plain not cool.

Comtech Stinger

Comtech Stinger

After brainstorming, I finally arrived at the “Key Ring” Ideal. Now this is not a new concept, by any means, as I am sure many of you, like me, carry practical things on your car key ring like a small pocket  LED light, ITW Survival Whistleand my trusty Comtech “Stinger”Now to make this school friendly and keep my kids out of the Principals Office, I would have to remove the Stinger, and replace it with something a tad less threatening, but still just as useful.

Here is what I came up with:

  • Instead of the pocket light, replace it with a Small, yet powerful AAA flashlight. I went ahead and added a couple of the pocket LED lights like the one on my key ring to the outer zippers on their backpacks.
  •  ITW Whistle (The ones County-Comm sells are LOUD!)
  • Metal Match (Could not send a lighter for obvious reasons)
  • Water Filter Straw (Don’t buy the cheap crappy ones..these are the best).
  • Small, Emergency Micro Signal Mirror (Requires some training, but not hard once you get the hang of it).
  • Small Kubotan  for Striking. Not as menacing looking at the Stinger but just as useful in a pinch.

And to make it so they cannot easily lose any of these items, as some of them are small, I hung all of the above on a twelve inch stainless steel mechanics key ring. I found that on my kids backpacks, in the inner pockets, there is a small clip that this key ring can be attached too. This is perfect, as it keeps it secure and out of the way until needed.

E3 Solutions ITK

E3 Solutions ITK

So in examining the type of things you need to include, just as with a Go-Bag, A First Aid/Trauma pack is mandatory. The only problem is you can’t hang one on a key ring!  Now this is gonna be a judgement call for each parent to make, and I think it depends a lot on the kids age, individual maturity level and how much time you spend training with them, but I have always had my kids carry a ITK (Individual Trauma Kit) in their school backpacks. We use the one that E3 Solutions offers, as it has everything you need and is perfect for discreet carry.

So there it is, a simple SHTF Key Ring to both give you piece of mind as a parent and give your kids a leg up if they ever need it.

Don’t forget: Hardware is Cool, but Software (Mindset and Training) are what is gonna keep them alive. So when you get one of these assembled, go outside with your kids and teach them how to use all the gear…it is great fun and who knows, it might be the one thing that helps keeps them alive some day.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous (And Train your Kids to do the Same!!)