The Climate Rationing Agenda

The Climate Rationing Agenda


One of the most concise articles I have read concerning the Climate scam and the Globalist agenda from the good folks over at Patriotic Alternative.

Please pass it on to somebody you care about.



Why Did The Great Compromise Take So Long?



“If you are younger than a Boomer, you have spent much of your life under only one pillar of the Great Compromise. Although we lost home rule in 1965, we were able to keep our identity. The reasoning for this was largely two-fold, the destruction of Southern identity was always going to be more difficult than ending home rule. The fact that they needed us to fight their wars further protected the second pillar of the Great Compromise. But now, those days are over, they really don’t think they need the Southern janissaries anymore.

Thankfully, they appear to have gotten their wish. Southerners no longer have a desire to fight for a nation that hates them. The Empire is about to learn the hard way, in a war with China or Russia, why Dixie is the backbone of the American military.

They are about to learn why they need us, and we are about to learn why we don’t need them.”


FUSA Bulletin: They’re Coming for YOU Next

The Trump Raid and the End of the United States


For those of you that have been paying attention, this should not come as any surprise.

The closer we get to 2024 the more Branden and his Stasi (F.B.I.) Stooges will accelerate the FUSA timeline.

Expect Legal Harassment and Open Reprisals on ANYBODY not toeing the Globalist/Marxist Line.

Oh Yeah, You Can’t Vote Your Way Out of This.

If You Haven’t Made Up Your Mind who the REAL ENEMY is, maybe this will help.

State Sovereignty and Secession are our only Life Jackets at this Point.

Prepare to Repel Boarders.





FUSA Bulletin: No One has a Problem with Violence until the Outnumbered White Guy has a Gun

No One has a Problem with Violence until the Outnumbered White Guy has a Gun


A perfectly worded description of FUSA.

Orc Classes: Anybody other than White (Inherently dysfunctional racial groups that are the new useful Idiots of Globo-Homo)

*I was really hoping he was going to shoot those two pieces of shit, not the Happy Ending I was hoping for.



Globo-Homo Beware: The Fire Continues to Rise

Sri Lanka was just the start? Massive protest in Tirana, Albania…


Coming Soon to a FUSA City near you!

Prepare Accordingly.