The Climate Rationing Agenda

The Climate Rationing Agenda


One of the most concise articles I have read concerning the Climate scam and the Globalist agenda from the good folks over at Patriotic Alternative.

Please pass it on to somebody you care about.



There Are Now More Armed Bureaucrats Than There Are U.S. Marines

There Are Now More Armed Bureaucrats Than There Are U.S. Marines


This thing happening right now, where all these Federal agencies are garnering resources (with your tax dollars I might add) is called WAR FOOTING.

The Next Step is actual WAR.

Time to choose Sides: State Sovereignty or Federal Tyranny?





Meanwhile in New Zealand the Fight Continues…



The Fight Against Global Tyranny Continues and the MSM has absolutely NOTHING to say about it? Shocking.

This comes via a good kiwi friend of mine who tells me this is a grass roots movement being organized entirely via Social Media and Word of Mouth (which is why you won’t find any news about it).

Let’s all Join in and Support these Brave folks on July 23rd as they stand-up to Globo-Homo Tyranny! πŸ–•

No Farmers, No Food!