Article of the Week: Welcome To Bidenland – Where The Cartels Are Not In Control Of Our Southern Border


Welcome To Bidenland – Where The Cartels Are Not In Control Of Our Southern Border


Most folks have not wrapped their head around the fact this is a complicit INVASION of the United States with one goal:


The Wounded Knee Massacre: The Forgotten History of the Native American Gun Confiscation

With 2020 just around the corner, this is a very relevant historical reminder of how Government Tyranny functions.

Keep Your Eyes Open and Your Finger on the Trigger.


Coming from site sponsor, 29 December is the anniversary of an infamous date which should stand as a permanent warning to a people disarmed. The Wounded Knee Massacre only occurred once the Sioux were barred from their rights under the Second Amendment. 15 more words

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Meet The Jewish Billionaires Who Are Bankrolling ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ for Your Children

It’s Time to Draw a Line in the Sand to Protect our Children, Heritage and Way of Life.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous


While the American Library Association is actively providing institutional support for the Drag Queen Story Hour programs, the tremendous funding it enjoys comes from a handful of very powerful jewish activists and charities:

Drag Queen Story Time as a Concept was created by a Jewish lesbian named Michelle Tea (Tomasik) and RADAR Productions of San Francisco. RADAR productions is a Bay Area production company whose mission statement reads “RADAR is a Bay Area queer literary arts organization creating and supporting a community of queer artists through commissioning, developing and presenting ground-breaking literary work”.

RADAR Productions is also instrumental in disseminating the program throughout the country.

RADAR is funded by a number of organizations, including The California Arts Council, The San Francisco Public Libraries, The Horizons Foundation, and notably The Walter and Elise Haas Foundation, and The Zellerbach Foundation.

The Walter and Elise Haas Foundation is a Bay…

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Liberty Rising: The Murder of LaVoy Finicum

I urge all my readers to Follow the Christian Patriots Blog and Support it by purchasing the book Liberty Rising: One Cowboy’s Ascent


The Citizen Media

My father bleeding out in the snow is only one small part of this story. His murder was the result of a hyped up orchestration of state and federal law enforcement in reaction to a falsified threat assessment. Many ask, “How can this even happen?”
We are starting this discussion across the country with elected officials. The idea of reforming weaponized labels is underway. We have developed a four part documentary series to use as a tool to start these difficult but necessary discussions. We are introducing people to the idea of the need for training in applied civics. My book, Liberty Rising: One Cowboy’s Ascent was written to help fund the process of our case.
We have great momentum working with the same legal team that helped bring about the 2016 Oregon occupation acquittals and the 2018 Nevada Bundy mistrial. Their work uncovered both agent and…

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