Yeah Soros Said That


He also said THIS back in 1993.


Take Heed.

Prepare Accordingly.


FUSA Bulletin: Man Who Killed Republican Teenager Over ‘Political Argument’ Is Free on Bail

Man Who Killed Republican Teenager Over ‘Political Argument’ Is Free on Bail

It’s been obvious for some time, at least to me, that the U.S. Jusice System (so-called) is a SHAM.

This has been made possible in no small part, by George Soros financing hundreds of election and re-election campaigns across the country of Woke Liberal DA’s and Judges who support “Criminal Justice Reform.”

Considering this is a clear cut case of Vehicular Homicide (Murder) which in North Dakota is considered a AA Felony, this POS should have received NO BAIL and be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, which is at minimum Life in Prison (because North Dakota abolished the Death Penalty in 1973.)

We now live in a world where Murderers, Rapist and Pedophiles go free on Bail.

Arm Yourself and Prepare Accordingly Folks.




Another Young Black Felon Mass Shooter Terrorizes an American City

Memphis Mayor Blasts Facebook-Streaming Mass-Killer’s Early-Release: “4 Of Our Fellow Citizens Would Still Be Alive”

Recent events demand I lead off with this:

So if MAGA Folks are a “Clear and Present Danger” to the Safety of the United States and “White Supremacist” are a bigger Domestic Terror Threat than islamic extremism what are young, violent Black extremist Felons released too early from prison into society considered now Joe?

So on the heels of the kidnapping, rape and murder of White Mother of Three Multi-Millionaire Heiress Eliza Fletcher we have another young Black Felon, this one 24 years old, going on a shooting rampage across Memphis.

In eight seperate shootings this POS killed four and wounded three innocent people.


The real outrage however is how this Violent Black Animal was released from Prison after serving only 11 months of a 3 year sentence for Attempted Murder, Aggravated Assault and Reckless Endangerment in which the Attempted Murder charge was dropped? What?

As the Memphis Mayor pointed out, if he would have served his full sentence of 3 years this Crime would not have happened.

Once again we see Liberal Sentencing Guidelines and WOKE Early Release Procedures from Prison (because he is young, black and a “victim” of white privilege) being the Culprit of Grievous Crimes Against White Society.

Don’t be surprised if George Soros and his campaign to get Liberal DA’s and Judges elected across the country is at the root of this preventable tragedy.



The Cults That Are Killing Us

The Cults That Are Killing Us


A very interesting read on the current covid cult tom-fuckery going on in FUSA.

If you’re a sane person and you find it difficult to understand how the Covid anti-normalcy loons and the Soros police-defunding loons can do what they do, how they don’t seem to care about the horrific effects on children of daily masking, how they don’t seem to care about the violent crime surge that’s killing so many innocent people, remember, these folks are chasing a utopia (zero Covid, the end of violence).

All collateral damage is acceptable.

The Jonestowners murdered a U.S. congressman and their own children, and the Rajneeshees tried to kill an entire town.

Appeals to their humanity won’t work.

They surrendered that when they joined.

For those that have not seen the Documentary on Rajneeshpuram titled Wild Wild Country, you can watch the entire 6 part series for free HERE.


A Well Funded Invasion

VIDEO: Someone is Handing Out Stacks of Cash to the Migrants Headed to U.S.


The Immigration Crisis in this country has been at a CRITICAL STAGE for months now but you would never know it because the powers that be in the D.C. swamp and their media press-titutes have been distracting you with political soap opera drama with the Kavanaugh debacle.

George Soros and his many “charities” and off-shore  shell companies are the financiers behind all of this illegal alien sabotage and subversion, make no mistake.

This is a DIRE situation and POTUS is spot on when he talks about deploying the Military to the border to stop this invasion.

America is under attack, internally and externally.

Time to gear up and Get Serious.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!