The Real Goal of Women Combatants, A Commentary



One of the best things I have read this month.

No Surprise it comes from one of the sharpest minds and trainers out there right now and a guy I am proud to call my friend.

You want Bullshit? go somewhere else, this is the straight skinny.

This should be made into a poster:

Long being the goal of the Left since at least 1946 has been the undermining of the US military. The American Marxists have understood that America’s strength and pride in nation hinges upon its military might, reflective of its Capitalist strength and ability to project force. But in the post-Cold War era where the Marxist in public view could safely be re-branded as a populist Democrat, military readiness has taken a backseat to social experimentation

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

America: Where Reality is becoming “Optional”

Is Reality Optional?


We are living in a day and age when not only individuals, but State and Federal Governments are ignoring basic biological reality. To quote New York State Law “Sex is Optional not a Biological determination.”

Yeah, I will buy that when unicorns fly out of my butt at high speed.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


I’m sorry

You could also call this “The Lifespan of a Transgender”, the irony is of course that their deaths prove the lDEALS they held about themselves FALSE. Look at the last frame in the cartoon and Think About It.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!




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