All Things Tomahawk

Who Needs A Tomahawk?


A collection of links involving their history and practical use.

I own several flavors of tomahawks, my favorite being a Rifleman’s Hawk.

Besides being an exceptional CQ Weapon, they are also an extremely practical piece of kit to have.

It’s not surprising that most all of your early mountain men carried one in their belt.

The Dank Robber Chest Rig – A Master of Minimalism

The Dank Robber Chest Rig — A Master of Minimalism


I am a big fan of minimalist rigs.

In fact I am a big fan of MINIMALIST in general.

No bullshit or fluff, just Utilitarian Practicality. (Love those two words together!)

This rig reminds me a lot of the chest rig’s that were used in the bank robbery scene in the movie Heat.

Although not classified as a “Minimalist” rig, Ian over at Forgotten Weapons  produced a vest based on that design that can hold 8 AR Mags.

Prepare NOW and Get Your Fighting Rigs squared away.

Train with them and get them dirty and broke in before the hammer drops!



The Fenris Chest Rig – Moving Beyond Average



I am planning on building a Variation of this Rig for both AR-10 (.308) and AK Mags (7.62×39) and see how it works.

Admittedly, this design may only work with the AR-15 mag design and weight, but we will see.