Know Your Enemy: MS13 & Co.

MS13 & Co.

This three part series in which the first two are included here with the third set to be published on Feb. 1st is an in-depth look at the Tactics, Techniques and Procedures of MS13.

As the article will show, no longer can this violent street gang be considered just another group of loosely organized gang bangers and drug addicts, but a serious organized criminal insurgency that is just as big a threat North of the Border as it is South of it.

Prepare Accordingly.


Border SitRep

You want the unvarnished truth about The Cartels and the Border?

Ed Calderon is the man who has the answers.

Check out Border Hawk for the REAL News on America’s Borders.

Prepare Accordingly.


Favela Firepower

The Face you make when you discover real life is not like a Call of Duty Video Game.

No Respawns for you!👍😄

Impro Guns

Two typical Brazilian street weapons – a homemade submachine gun and 12 gauge shotgun displayed by a recently arrested suspect.

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Seized homemade .380 submachine gun (ES, Brazil)

A homemade .380 SMG seized earlier this month from a group of escaped convicts in Vila Velha, Brazil.

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Criminal Awareness/Gang Profiles: The Aryan Brotherhood


Inside The Aryan Brotherhood, One Of The World’s Most Dangerous Prison Gangs

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With the recent uptick in gang violence, I thought it be a good ideal to do some profiles on some of the major gangs.

For those of you that have not read it, the 2015 Texas Gang Threat Assessment put out by the TX Dept. pf Public Safety is worth a look.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!