Scanning and the Third Eye


It came to my attention during a recent series of drills that there are certain things MOST gun schools teach people that are regarded as necessary and prudent, but in reality are just uneccessary movement. We should always seek in our training to do MORE with LESS, to trim off any movement or action that is not efficient. One of these is SCANNING after THE FIGHT IS OVER.

You watch any person that has received any type of modern firearms training, and you will see this maneuver: They engage the target, then with a turn of their head, look left, then right, then they may check their six. Ask youself this question: You have just been in a violent have had to shoot a person to stop them from killing you or a loved one, you now want to look around (scan) to ensure he has no buddies lurking to back him up, do you think it is prudent to just simply LOOK with your eyeballs or SCAN with that THIRD EYE, your weapon and be ready to shoot again quickly?

You have to use probability here, wolves run in packs, you have just took down one; the chances that you will have to fire again are pretty high, so we need to be ready to do just that. If we follow the protocol taught by 95% of the “gun school” dogma, we will not be ready to break that shot..we will have our feet planted like a statue, the gun at the low ready (or SUL) with the safety engaged (if applicable to that model) and only our head turned in the direction of the threat. This is Bad and will get you killed. Press rewind and then pause.

You just killed a BG. Keeping the weapon at the (up) ready position and the safety still off, your finger inside the trigger guard and on the trigger with no pressure,with the weapon lowered just enough where your field of vision is not impaired (to gain a sight picture all that is required is 1/2″ of upward movement with the weapon) you swing around 360 degrees slowly, your feet are in a power stance, ready to move, you scan the entire area. You now have three “eyes” scanning…two eyeballs and the barrel of your weapon. If no threat is found, and when you feel the situation is secure, safe the weapon and go to low ready.

You will find when you apply this technique, your speed (time on target) will dramatically increase, only becasue you are “pre-setting” every thing that is required to get those hits. You body is already squared off to target, your vision is focused to the threat, sights and muzzle are already in the general direction of the threat, all that is required is a “Type 2” or “Flash Sight Picture” to get the hits. Depending on distance and proximity of target, you may just have to super impose the front sight aperture on the target or you may need a traditional sight picture..whatever the case, you are ready to break the shot.

I need to interject something here that alot of people seem to glaze over. The issue of COVER. If you have just been on the winning end of a violent encounter, there is a good chance you will be behind some type of cover, because gunfights do not happen in a static vacuum and people do not stand still when shot at!  If you are behind cover, STAY THERE! You can repeat the above scanning process right where you are at.

In closing, we need to apply this formula to all areas of our training. Wasted movement for the sake of just going through the “motions” is stupid. Examine this next time you train and when you find wasted movement, flush it and examine how you can make it more efficient. It could save your bacon some day!

Stay Dangerous.

The Self-Defense Training Community “Circus”

I wanted to add to the title “Coming to a town near you…” but feared it would be a little long. This post however, will no be long, as this blog is dedicated to more fruitful topics to actually help people. I could not ignore this issue any longer however and wanted to give my two and a half cents.

There is a big problem in the civilian self-defense training community, and the problem is itself. Peruse some of these forums and you will see what I mean. Most of the bandwidth is taken up with incessant bitching and moaning about some trainer who said this or that, or did this or that and like most political discussions, end up nowhere with no solutions. There is some underlying problems here, and for those of you not privy to some of these companies and “personalities” (notice the term I used..we will come back to that later) here is the short list:

  • Ego of Instructor
  • Instructor Worship
  • Lack of True Experience

When I say “Lack” of True Experience what I really mean is ZERO. Most of these people who work for these training companies have never been in any altercation with a gun, knife, stick or fist, other than that fight in the Tenth grade where they got their ass kicked anyways. They may have read a book or two and been “certified” by the company they work for, but real life experience is ZERO. This can create problems when you are trying to teach people HOW to survive deadly situations IMO where experience would be a premium.

Ego of Instructor. The problem here is not really the arrogance of the person themselves, I mean my Dad used to say “You don’t have to look very far to find an asshole.” The problem is that most of these people have the Arrogance to believe that their unique “system” (and belive me when I say this, ALL of THEM have some unique SYSTEM that is better than the rest, whether it be a way to load a gun, a way to use a knife,  etc.) is the ONLY way to do something, and that all other Instructors who teach something different are WRONG.

Instructor Worship. You cannot have the Ego issue without the worship of the ego, right? I mean without somebody kissing your ass all the time, what is the point? This is rampant in the training community. Part of the problem being that most of these so-called “Instructors” are  more “Personalities” than teachers. They remind me of a  Used Car Salesman to be honest. They are there to take your money and have the charisma and ability to make you forget that fact.

Will things change? I Doubt it. People love drama, whether or not they want to admit it or is just another way to drive their business.

You can check my credentials. I think they speak for themselves. Experience does not come cheap.  I don’t claim to have any “special” way to make you into the next mall ninja, I am just taking proven techniques and making them accessible to the common civilian. I never want any of my students to think what I teach them is the “only” way…this is narrow-minded and counter productive. On the contrary, you will find that I teach people to question everything..that is how we learn. 584 words..I doubt this topic deserved that many, but there it is.