My Little Armalite

My Little Armalite


There is no secret. The invaders get it. Antifa gets it. BLM gets it. They are true believers in their communist cause. The only people who don’t get it are heritage Americans whose pride gets in the way of the truth. You are losing because you are fat, content, comfortable, and afraid to give your all. Worst, Americans really don’t believe in anything except some vague narcissistic solipsism of only self and condition. Find your God again. Find your faith. Because that is the only way you will fight. Then fight any way you can. But just fight. Your foxhole (or home) will only be defended by your buddies foxhole (or home). Brothers, neighbors, countrymen, your will to fight, right now, when everything seems not worth it, is everything. Your culture depends on it. There is no fall back position. Raptor 2, out.




Drone Wars

Saudi F-15 shoots down a Iranian backed Houthi drone between the Yemen/Saudi border. These drones attack the oil ports and refineries on a daily basis sometimes causing massive damage and casualties.

Imagine thousands of these types of drones attacking a fixed position at once. This is the future of warfare in the 21st Century.

I highly recommend the novel Ghost Fleet if you have not read it. It’s a entertaining but realistic (and prophetic) snapshot of warfare in the 21st Century.

Ordinary Men: A Profile of the Chechen Insurgents and their Tactics

Dodge Billingsly’s work covering the Chechen Wars is well worth the time, as is his book, Fangs of the Lone Wolf.

via Ordinary Men: A Profile of the Chechen Insurgents and their Tactics — American Partisan

General Badass… — CITIZEN FREE PRESS

The Chess pieces are beginning to move…

The zombie apocalypse survival homestead

No-nonsense General Milley President Trump and Defense Secretary Esper announce major deployment of U.S. military to interdict narcotics trafficking from Central America. Full story from Sundance…

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