FUSA Bulletin: Lane Furniture Goes Belly Up

H/T It Ain’t Holy Water


United Furniture Industries lays off all Triad employees overnight via e-mail, text message, letter states


Over 2,700 People lost their jobs in Mississippi as well.

All of this done by email the Day before Thanksgiving.

As FUSA slowly crumbles, hard working middle class families get the shaft.

It’s Build Back Better Globalist Fuckery.



Clown World Bulletin: The Colorado Gay “Mass Shooter” was the Grandson of a Republican!


It never fails.

Every time there is a shooting of some protected minority class like sodomites and tranny’s they immediately start trying to tie the shooter to the most evil force in the universe for purple-haired bathroom confused marxist: Straight White Male Conservatives in order that they might disarm the populace with further anti-2A, Unconstitutional Gun Legislation.

Grandfather of ‘Colorado gay bar mass-shooter’ is MAGA California lawmaker who hailed January 6 riots, as it’s claimed ‘killer’ evaded red flag law despite threatening mom with bomb


Have you ever seen a more anemic, weak attempt to tie two things together than this bullshit?

Brace Yourselves, because this is just the beginning.