FUSA Bulletin: Taxpayer Funded Anarchy

Anarcho-Tyranny in the USA


The city of Philadelphia has announced an agreement to pay a $9.25 million settlement in connection with the police response to protests after the death of George Floyd in 2020. While dozens were killed and billions of dollars of damage were done during the riots that raged across America for weeks in the summer of 2020, it is the participants themselves who will be paid restitution by the government.

Law and order in the United States have now descended to a level of anarcho-tyranny in which the government funds rioters with the tax money of their victims. The slow death of the rule of law in America would be ugly enough, but what we are witnessing instead is the twisted, grimacing corpse of a system that was once designed to protect the safety of Americans now being used to punish us for disagreeing with our political elites.






The Red Cross: Just Another NGO Helping Fuel the Great Replacement

American Red Cross Joins Treason Lobby, Helps Illegals Across Border


Make no mistake, the Government sponsored invasion by illegals on the Southern (and Northern) borders is being aided and subsidized by WEF affiliated NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organizations) and Religious Charities (Predominantly Catholic).

Don’t be fooled by these Anti-White, Neo-Liberal ZOG Globalist who hide behind these so-called “humanitarian” causes, their “agenda” is White Genocide, pure and simple.






AMERIKA: ‘Secession Is Inevitable’, It’s About When, Not If


Source – mises.org

  • “…The answer lies not in doubling down on political unity, maintained through endless violence or threats of violence. Rather, the answer lies in peaceful separation through expanded self-determination, regional autonomy, confederation, and consensus. The choice we now face is between a rearguard attempt at preserving political unity “forever” and facing the inevitable reality. On one side, there are the unionists with their devotion to the status quo and their colonialist mindset. On the other side are those who seek to temper the power of the central state and pursue local self-determination. The centralizers are on the wrong side and will ultimately be on the losing side as well”

Secession Is Inevitable. It’s about When, Not If

By Ryan McMaken

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Never is a very, very long time in politics. Yet whenever the topic of secession or so-called national divorce comes up, how often…

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