Diversity Killed Free Speech in America

Diversity Killed Free Speech in America


The fact is that diversity has killed free speech in America. It has killed humor, the ability to think clearly, any kind of culture, and anything approximating brotherhood. We are all now fellow owners in a large expensive HOA neighborhood where we have nothing in common except banal commercial holidays and what is on television.

Slowly it dawns on the voters that they have bungled it all. Every choice they have made has been bad. This is why they like to say “there is no voting our way out of this.” As usual, they have a scapegoat, not a plan. For our plan, I suggest that it begins with ending diversity and expands naturally from there.

At least we will be able to speak plainly, clearly, and realistically again.






1A News: The Thought Police Strike Again!

The Thought Police Take Out Another Conservative

Make no mistake about it, their is a war for free speech in this country and liberal fascist DO NOT want any opinion heard but their own.


Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!

Spikes Tactical Banned From YouTube!


YouTube Bans Spikes Tactical without Warning

Well, it’s official.

Free Speech is now under attack in force..Especially if you are Pro-Second Amendment and have Social Media Accounts with scary black rifles!

The Liberal Fascist are busy folks! It is not enough they are manipulating teenagers into attacking the Second Amendment to their peril, but now they are attacking the First as well.

It seems since Parkland, This kind of thing has been happening periodically on social media without much press (No Big Surprise there since we know what kind of people work at these companies.)

Just the other day Conservative comedian and satirist Steven Crowder was banned from Twitter.

Stay Dangerous!

Think Before You Post: The Future of Social Media Monitoring In the United States

This may have occurred in Scotland, but it is just a dark foreshadowing of the kind of “monitoring” and “regulations” coming to Social media here in America. So For all you poor souls out there addicted to Social Media, Good Luck with all that. -SF


Glasgow police are warning people not to post unnecessary things on social media or else they might “receive a visit” from the police.

In a tweet Friday morning, Greater Glasgow Police wrote, “Think before you post or you may receive a visit from us this weekend. Use the internet safely.”

They also included a graphic of what people should “think” about before they post:

According to the graphic, people are encouraged to “#thinkbeforeyoupost” anything that is not deemed “necessary” or else they will receive “a visit from us this weekend.”

The tweet by the Greater Glasgow Police Department comes as Police Scotland issued a statement regarding social media comments made by an imam at Glasgow Central Mosque.

The statement from Superintendent Jim Baird of Police Scotland’s Safer Communities Department reads, “Officers have reviewed all comments as reported to Police Scotland, and whilst it is appreciated that individuals raise issues that concern them, on this occasion no criminality has been established.”

Perhaps if the imam had posted something unnecessary on social media as opposed to simply praising a terrorist on social media, the police would have visited him.

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