Nebraska Farmer Amputates Leg With Own Pocket Knife!

Nebraska farmer amputates leg with pocket knife after it’s caught in machinery

It never ceases to amaze me how TOUGH the older generations really are.

This is EXACTLY the type of guy I want as a neighbor and Friend!

Let all the spineless lib-turd SJW types talk about “Toxic Masculinity” all they want.

Hell, if this is “Toxic” give me a double dose!👍

At the end of the day when the bill comes due and the hammer finally drops on this Nation and the World, these are the kind of people that will have survived while all the rest of you are lying on the ground in a fetal position crying for mommy.

This is the type of people we should be teaching our kids to emulate, not drug addicted, morally bankrupt hollywood pedophiles or spoiled un-thankful athletes.

Stay Alert, Armed, Tough and Dangerous!


Attention Liberals and Illegals: Stay Where You Are! Don’t Move Here!


In a recent article by Fox News, it was stated that the mass migration from RED to BLUE States, in particular to my home state of Texas, is overall a Positive thing for Conservatives simply because liberal states are losing voters.

First of all, when a liberal voter moves from a red to a blue state all they are doing is taking their backwards world and political views to another state, that is all. Secondly, and I am not sure if the writers at Fox News are high on drugs or if they have just caved and finally sold out to the Fake News Cartel, (most likely a combination of both) but why is the ELEPHANT in the room being ignored when talking abut the population surge in Texas and the southern border states? A moron could tell you 75% or more of that number is ILLEGAL ALIENS, all of whom vote Democrat and all of whom are a drain on State and Federal welfare resources to the tune of a Federal estimate of $255 Billion annually.

I urge you guys to read the comments below this article, it is more entertaining and FACTUAL than the article itself.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


France On The Losing End Once Again

Multiculturalism and Diversity at work once again.

I hate to kick a country while it’s down, but you reap what you sow in this life and France’s “tolerance” and pandering to islam continues to cost innocent lives.


Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Armed Citizen Corner: Armed Starbucks Patron Saves the Day

Concealed-Carry Permit Holder Saves a Starbucks Employee

Who said Starbucks is just another Politically Correct Hipster hangout where liberals go…it seems Aware and Armed Citizens also patronize the place! Amazing!

Isn’t that really wonderful how this Concealed Carry thing works though!

Criminals never know when your everyday run of the mill citizen is going to foil their plans!

Looks like “Staying Armed” is some of the best advice in today’s upside down nutty world.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


Mollie Tibbetts murder suspect ID’d as Cristhian Rivera, 24, living in US illegally

Before I start let me say that my thoughts and prayers go out to the Tibbetts family. I cannot imagine your pain and grief right now.

I will be honest right now folks…I am so mad I had to take a cool down walk.

This Piece of Human Excrement lived ILLEGALLY in that town for up to SEVEN YEARS!


If this does not put an exclamation mark on WHY we need to not only BUILD THE WALL but also DEPORT every one of these damn illegals I am not sure what will.

No, this is the end result of “diversity” and “multi-culturalism” in a society folks….an innocent woman murdered in the prime of her life by a piece of garbage that was not even supposed to be here.

I mean it wasn’t like we were not warned this would happen!

Europe has been under invasion by illegal immigrants for over seven years now. Rapes and Murders of European men and women by illegal immigrants fill the headlines of European newspapers every day…how much of a warning do we need?!

But let’s not be nieve… we here in America are just now beginning to reap the poisonous fruit of the seeds we have sown through liberal, spineless immigration policies for the last 20+ years.

I hate to say it but unless things change fast, there will be more cases like Mollie Tibbetts, a lot more.

If your own Government won’t protect you, it is Time to take action folks.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!