The Dank Robber Chest Rig – A Master of Minimalism

The Dank Robber Chest Rig — A Master of Minimalism


I am a big fan of minimalist rigs.

In fact I am a big fan of MINIMALIST in general.

No bullshit or fluff, just Utilitarian Practicality. (Love those two words together!)

This rig reminds me a lot of the chest rig’s that were used in the bank robbery scene in the movie Heat.

Although not classified as a “Minimalist” rig, Ian over at Forgotten Weapons  produced a vest based on that design that can hold 8 AR Mags.

Prepare NOW and Get Your Fighting Rigs squared away.

Train with them and get them dirty and broke in before the hammer drops!



Know Your Weapons: The MAS 49/56

29 mph winds? I would have called it and came back when the Hurricane was gone, but still a decent shoot.

The discussion with Ian from Forgotten Weapons about the similarities of the 7.5 French to the 7.62 NATO is awesome.

Pay Attention, you just might learn something.


The ‘Heat’ Course of Fire

In the pantheon of Heist movies, it does not get any better than Michael Mann’s 1995’s Heat.

(Yes it stars that lib-tard crybaby Robert De Niro but it also starred Al Pacino, Val Kilmer and Tom Sizemore, so it evens itself out.)

Michael Mann’s movies are known for intense firearm realism, not only in their manual of arms but also in the tactics used. This can be seen in the gun battle after the Bank Robbery in Heat which was choreographed by an ex-SAS Commando.

You can also see some nifty training and tactics in Thief (1981), Collateral (2004) and Miami Vice (2006) to name a few.

Anyways, the guys over at Forgotten Weapons decided to make the shootout in Heat into a Course of Fire, complete with the heavy bags of “money”. 🤠

Fun Watch!


Know Your WW2 Weapons: M1 Garand’s Mysterious 7th Round Stoppage

The M1 Garand’s Mysterious 7th Round Stoppage


I’m a Gun Geek so stuff like this is fascinating to me. 😄


Know Your Weapon Systems: Short Stroke Gas Piston and Direct Gas Impingement

Understanding the OS on the two most popular Rifles in the World, the AK-47/74 and the AR-15/10, is a MUST for the Armed Citizen.



Stay Focused, Stay Ready.