How To Make The Best Hardtack

How To Make The Best Hardtack


I’ve made hardtack many times over the years to put in the annual stew. Its easy enough to make, as most breads are. Sailor Boy is a decent shelf-stable substitute if you’re not into making it your own, but I strongly encourage you to give it a shot. You’ll enjoy the results.



Making Pemmican – The Ultimate Survival Food

Making Pemmican – The Ultimate Survival Food


Pemmican is a super food that is shelf stable and can go a LONG TIME without refrigeration.

Thanks to NC Scout for posting these videos about making shelf-stable foods.

As I have said before if you are not devoting some brain power and prepping time to your long term food situation, you are cutting yourself and your family WAY short.

Prepare Accordingly!



1867 German Army “Iron Ration” Erbswurst – DIY Recipe and Story

1867 German Army “Iron Ration” Erbswurst – DIY Recipe and Story


There’s going to be a critical need for making shelf stable foods like Erbswurst and Pemmican, and its a heck of a good skill to have on top of salt curing meat. How was it done before refrigeration?

You been to the Grocery Store lately? Rising Prices and Supply Issues should concern you.

Prepare Accordingly.