When Men Were Men: Fitzroy Maclean

With all of this pansy ass liberalism trying to turn our young boys men into girls through feminist ideology and transgender non-sense, I thought I would create a section where Masculinity was CELEBRATED by telling the stories of awesome MEN through the ages who not only represented the Male Species with flare but also defended Democracy and helped save the Free World as we know it.

Fitzroy Maclean Fought the Nazis, Blew Up Forts and Met a King


Fitzroy Maclean, a Scottish aristocrat and adventurer, was born into a military family in Cairo in 1911, and was educated at Eton and then Cambridge – playgrounds of the British elite. He lived a long and remarkable life. “To some people, my life might seem one long adventure holiday, blowing up forts in the desert, clandestinely parachuting into guerrilla wars, penetrating forbidden cities deep behind closed frontiers,” he said a year before his death in 1996.

A diplomat and accomplished linguist prior to the outbreak of World War II, and a successful writer, politician and documentary filmmaker afterward, Maclean would’ve been a noteworthy figure without his almost unbelievable exploits in the war. His contribution to the war effort would lead him to rise from the rank of private in 1941 to brigadier in 1945, be appointed a Commander of the Order of the British Empire and receive the Order of Khutuzov from the Soviet Union, the Croix de Guerre from France and the Order of the Partisan Star from Yugoslavia.

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