The Jews Come After Gab (and Christianity)

How one far-right platform has weaponized antisemitism and Christian extremism to foment insurrection

Right in time for the January 6th Anniversary, the Totalitarian Left funded by one of the largest Jewish newspapers in the United States, Forward, continues their 2022 propaganda campaign against not only the so-called “Far-Right Anti-Government White Supremacist” and the platform Gab but by extension they also attack Christianity as an accomplice.

There is nothing new under the sun, and Jews trying to demonize Christianity by implicating it with MSM buzzwords like “Alt-Right” “Right-Wing Terrorist” and “White Supremacy” is as old as the hills:

“The social media platforms all played a role in the lead-up to the assault on the Capitol. But something that went unmentioned in all of the mainstream coverage of the site in the wake of Jan. 6 is the site’s Christian ideology, and the way it relies on Christianity to justify its extremist content – whether that’s claiming the election was rigged or promoting blatantly antisemitic beliefs.”

Read about their latest Hollyweird funded hit piece “Documentary” Indivisible: Healing Hate, hosted by one of the most far-left Jews in Hollyweird, Mandy Patinkin, aka Inigo Montoya.

Prepare Accordingly.

A Modest Proposal: Sensible Regulation of Books

A Modest Proposal: Sensible Regulation of Books


A Great satire article to drive home the point of this sham called “Common Sense Gun Control” liberals and RINO’s alike are trying push on the American people.

Don’t Fall for It.

Keep Your Powder Dry, Your Nose in the Wind and Your Eyes on the Skyline.

1A News: The Thought Police Strike Again!

The Thought Police Take Out Another Conservative

Make no mistake about it, their is a war for free speech in this country and liberal fascist DO NOT want any opinion heard but their own.


Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!

YouTube Singles Out All Gun Channels For Special Exclusion / Discrimination

About 11 months ago, this is how I started the show…. Yea… at the time I fully believed that YouTube was not in fact going to come down hard on gun content creators. It seems as though I was completely wrong. As you guys may have seen by now YouTube has released a new policy about guns. I’ll break this down the best I can and then we’ll talk about what all of this means.

To my knowledge this is the first time Youtube has actually segregated out firearms into its own category. The policy states that youtube prohibits certain kinds of content featuring firearms. OH BOY. Then they get into specifics. They don’t allow content that intends to sell firearms or firearm accessories privately or links to sites that sell guns. Even more specifically, they outline accessories that “enable a firearms to simulate automatic fire or convert a firearm to automatic fire” … like bump stocks, binary triggers, etc. They also specifically mention everyone’s favorite vague term… high capacity magazines but they actually define it as mags or belts that hold more than 30 rounds. Drum mags be damned.

It keeps going. They don’t allow content that provides instructions on manufacturing a firearm, ammunition, high capacity magazines, homemade silencers, or accessories like they mentioned in the other portion. So if you show how to complete an 80% gun, say goodbye. If you show how to reload ammo, say goodbye.

Read the Remainder at AmmoLand

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