The Forum Is Live!

The Forum Is Live!


Head on over to Brushbeater’s new forum, it’s a great place for likeminded patriots to educate and network.

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7.62x39mm Gel Test – 7 Loads Put to the Test

7.62x39mm Gel Test – 7 Loads Put to the Test


The Jello Test on seven common x39 loads.

If you ever want to get the scoop on Practical Penetration testing, check out fellow Texan and Firearms Zen Master Ole’ Painless over at the Box o’Truth.

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The Curio and Relic 2 Gun Competition!

I thought this was a fun watch.

Not so long ago I ran a similar course we named “World War 2 Two Gun”

First we ran with it with Wermacht Issue: K98 Mauser and a P-38. Second time we ran it with the U.S. Loadout:  M1 Garand and the GI Issue 1911 .45.

As predicted my time was slightly better with the Garand versus the bolt action K98, but not by much. You have to remember that both rifles reload by stripper clips and that was what slowed me down on both rifles.

If you drill enough with the K98, you can become really EFFICIENT on it, and by that I mean finding the right balance between speed (working the bolt) and accuracy (letting the front sight post come to rest on your target with a 6 o’clock hold.)

Oh yeah we didn’t do the Kettle Bell thing…

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Training for a Gunfight: Military Analysis of 133 Gunfights


Solid Information for the 21st Century Armed Citizen.

We need to be constantly evaluating our firearm training to ensure it is RELEVANT, PRACTICAL and EFFICIENT!

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Why the Kalashnikov Makes Sense


This article originally appeared on American Partisan and is even more relevant today than when I wrote it back in June. -NCS

The world is looking pretty rough. And with it, many are waking up to the reality of their situation. There’s gonna be a lot more time spent on the shooting range than the driving range. AntiFa, John Brown Gun Club and other spoiled, drug-addled, self loathing white kids are threatening to hit the suburbs in the next volley of civil unrest and the summer is young. All signs point to this getting worse before it gets better. This could be one of those times the old-time survivalists may be saying “shouldn’t be living there in the first place” and while I agree, there’s always going to be those coming to the party late. That part is not important; what is more important however is understanding…

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