Know Your Weapons: Pancor Jackhammer Mk3

John Anderson was a Korean War veteran who became interested in developing a high capacity, selective-fire combat shotgun for military use. He designed what became known as the Pancor Jackhammer, a fully automatic, gas operated, blow forward, drum fed shotgun. Three working examples were made, two tested to destruction by HP White Labs, and one…

Pancor Jackhammer Mk3 — Forgotten Weapons


Savage M1918 Aircraft Lewis at the Range (With Rare Tripod Mount!)

Savage M1918 Aircraft Lewis at the Range (With Rare Tripod Mount!)


A True Blast from the Past!

What made the American Lewis Gun so powerful is it fired the venerable .30-06 round!

A bonafide Man Stopper!

M14 EBR: The Most Beautiful Battle Rifle in the World


General Douglas MacArthur once said “Old Soldiers never die, they simply fade away.”

I think the same holds true for Good Rifles.

The M14 saw service in Vietnam, then went into mothballs and some 40 odd years later shows up again in the mountains of Afghanistan.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Know Your Ammo: The .45 ACP

History of the .45 ACP Cartridge


My Personal carry caliber, Cor-Bon .45 Auto+P 200gr JHP.

Lot of folks call it “Old Fashioned”, “Out of Date” and “Past it’s Prime”

Personally I disagree with these sentiments and IF THEY COULD, so would all the people that have been shot with it, I assure you.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

How Does It Work: Push Feed vs Controlled Feed

In a controlled feed rifle design, a cartridge slips under the extractor as soon as it is released from the magazine. This means than if the bolt is retracted before being locked into battery, it will pull the cartridge back out as it retracts. On a push feed action, the extractor does not capture the…

How Does It Work: Push Feed vs Controlled Feed — Forgotten Weapons