This “Smart Pistol” is awfully Dumb!!!

smart gun

My dad has a famous saying that I use quite often nowadays “Common Sense is not so common anymore.” That saying applies very much so to this “bass-ackwards” device that is hitting the shelves in (where else) Kalifornia this week, the “Smart Pistol”.

Developed and Manufactured by German Arms Company Armatix, which is headed up by Heckler & Koch’s former Chief Tech Officer, Ernst Gauch. Armatix’s “Smart System” is (according to their website):

“The Smart System consists of a radio-controlled watch that is responsible for gun access and use. A Smart System gun will only shoot if it is within range of this watch. It is possible to release the safety mechanism via the radio controlled watch activated by means of a PIN code. As soon as the gun loses radio contact with the watch – e.g. if it is knocked out of the shooter’s hand or in case of loss, theft, etc. – it automatically deactivates itself.”

So to put in layman’s terms for you guys, this is basically a pistol that can only fire (is “unlocked” or “off-safety”) when the person wearing the wristwatch is gripping (or near) the firearm (still kind of fuzzy on that major detail). At present, Armitage only has one model of firearm with the “Smart System” integrated; their .22 Caliber Pistol the  iP1. Currently, Armitage is actively courting other gun manufacturers to integrate their system into other weapons. The retail price point of the firearm itself is listed at $1399 and the watch at $399.(Fox News).

This is not the first time something like this has been attempted. The saga of  what has been called the “Personalized Gun” is filled with hair-brain schemes involving embedded RFID Veri-Chips, Magnetic Trigger Devices (MTD’s), passive infra-red detection and now with Armatix’s latest scheme, a wristwatch with a PIN code??

Where does one begin in refuting the logic of such devices? I could write a 1,000 words on the philosophical problems alone, not even getting into the overall practicality of them. To me the bottom line with gun safety always begins and ends with the end-user. For any outside agency, government, institution, etc. to try to integrate solutions and THINK for the Individual Civilian is entering Totalitarian waters. I know, I know, I can hear people saying: “Well, they are a nice OPTION for people..I mean after all, they are not being FORCED on us by the Govt!!” Right??


Let me tell you how I see this. The War for your FIREARM RIGHTS and your FIREARMS as a whole is always raging; whether or not you see it in the headlines or not, it is there. Sometimes, the war is obvious, sometimes you can see the oppositions agenda clear as day. An example would be the previous attempt to renew the Assault Weapons Ban using the Sandy Hook Massacre as fuel and ammo for their fight. Another would be the highly publicized Zimmerman/Martin Case, which the Obama/Holder Administration tried to twist and turn into a racial issue, and not a clear-cut case of self-defense, hoping to ignite the masses into a frenzy and sway them to support more firearm restrictions and bans, namely, repealing Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law. The one negative (and positive) that came from this was the national “scare” it created. People came out in droves, buying firearms and ammo by the truckload . This of course drove prices through the roof and created an ammo shortage, of which we are all still suffering to some degree. The positive of this is that it ensured more Americans were armed than ever before!

Here of late, the “powers that be” have changed tactics to a degree. Seeing that a full frontal assault that focuses solely on an assault weapons ban would not work, they are attempting a “flanking maneuver”; a well funded propaganda campaign focusing on “Gun Safety”.  Their lib-tard media cronies have flooded the airways with documentary specials focusing on “Kids and Guns”, painting parents who actually keep a gun in the house or teach their children how to use weapons properly and fire them on a regular basis as part of the problem and “unsafe”. Of course, the lib-tards still use Sandy Hook and Columbine as “emotional fodder” to try to draw national sympathy to the subject; I mean what else can jerk a tear or tear at your heart-strings other than deceased kids..whats more, children dying because of a parent that was irresponsible with their firearms?!

Now before you send that nasty email, let me tell you I was as saddened and disheartened as anybody after the Sandhook school massacre, and my thoughts and prayers still go out to those parents everyday that they may find strength and solace. I am also a proud father and strongly believe in teaching and practicing firearm safety as a responsible CO and parent. What I DO NOT believe in wholeheartedly is the attempt for any entity, local, state or federal, to try to invade a citizens rights regarding firearms in any capacity, including telling them that the Govt. knows better than you what is “safe” and what is not. Furthermore, I detest the despicable propaganda practices of this Government that use the memory of murdered children to try and sway public opinion to their cause. Shame on ALL of You.

This latest “Smart System” guys is yet another attempt to control and manipulate the firearms industry. It will fail, as all the others have failed, mainly because firearms manufacturers are not willing to invest the money and resources into a device that maybe 3% of its customers would buy, when the other 97% would see a gun safe or a simple and free gun lock as more practical. Of course, if you really wanted one now, you could drop the $1800 and buy their .22 Pistol. The price alone negates the reasoning for buying it for most of us logical folks, I mean $1800 could buy you a really nice .308 AR!!

But rest assured, all you “Progressive Thinkers” out there, I am sure Obama and his Congressional/Senate cronies are already working on some ridiculous law (using  the”Gun Safety and Kids” propaganda and it’s converts) to try to push this ludicrous device on all of us “Dangerous Gun Owners”, because after all, “Big Bro O” knows what best and safe for all of us, right?


Stay Armed, Stay Aware and Stay Dangerous!