This is the woman Alec Baldwin put in charge of firearms for his low-budget film…

This is the woman Alec Baldwin put in charge of firearms for his low-budget film…

It’s all starting to make sense now.

What we have here is straight up WILLFUL NEGLIGENCE on the part of Alec Baldwin violating the #1 RULE OF GUN SAFETY: NEVER POINT A GUN AT ANYTHING YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO DESTROY.

As I said before Lib-tards and Firearms DO NOT MIX!

If this millennial space cadet was in charge of the guns, It’s a friggin miracle the entire cast was not killed.



Parents, Teach Your Children Well

12-Year-Old Boy Defends 73-Year-Old, Shoots, Kills Home Invader


My father started teaching me the basics of becoming a rifleman when I was six years old.

It was a Sheridan .20 caliber Silver Streak and she was beautiful.

If you are the parent of a young child, instead of buying them that video game or tablet, buy them a pellet gun and start teaching the fundamentals of marksmanship and responsible firearm ownership.

After that progress to a 10/22 then a scoped deer rifle then an AR/AK then a pistol, etc…

Believe me when I tell you that in this day and age nothing can be more important.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


A Lesson in Target Background and Over-Penetration

Massachusetts man with crossbow accidentally kills neighbor being attacked by pit bulls

It’s easy to armchair QB these things and it’s obvious the guy was just trying to help his neighbor, but it’s something we can all learn from.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Firearm Carry Conditions of Readiness

I was talking the other day with a fellow who worked the counter at a local sporting goods store. He was, I guess, around fifteen years older than me and we ‘chewed the cud’ about various topics for a while (it was a slow day) and when the topic of firearms came up he asked me about how I “Kept” my defensive firearms.
Understanding he was talking about what READY CONDITION I keep my guns in, both at home and when I carry concealed, I proceeded to tell him using terms that I was both raised with and trained with in the military, that is Colonel Jeff Coopers 5 Carry Conditions:
  • Condition Four: Chamber empty, no magazine, hammer down.
  • Condition Three: Chamber empty, full magazine, hammer down.
  • Condition Two: Round chambered, full magazine, hammer down.
  • Condition One: Round chambered, full magazine, hammer cocked, safety on.
  • Condition Zero: Round chambered, full magazine, hammer cocked, safety off.
Once I explained these simple conditions he then asked me did I think it “safe” to carry a pistol around in Condition 1 when I carried concealed. I politely asked him what is the difference between a civilian like myself carrying a loaded pistol around and a police officer (besides the obvious fact that uniformed police carry their firearms openly). To that he could not give a response.
He then asked me what condition I keep my defensive long guns at home in. I told him the same. Condition 1. Again he was concerned about “safety”. I assured him all of my firearms are kept in a very sturdy safe that only I and the wife unit have access too. To this he still seemed unsure of “the safety factor”.
I proceeded to tell him that being OVERLY concerned with firearm safety when it comes to DEFENSIVE FIREARMS, and by this I mean not having the firearm READY to use in a moment’s notice, can often lead to tragedy on the part of the gun owner. I then did a quick comical impromptu pantomime of a homeowner asking a would-be criminal to “wait” while he got his gun ready so he could shoot him dead…that got a chuckle.
We have to remember that in the real world, seconds matter when it comes to dealing with deadly threats. Lethal force encounters are often over in a matter of seconds, not minutes. So stacking the odds in YOUR favor when it comes to being able to lay your hands on a firearm that is ready to use RIGHT THEN can literally be the difference between life and death.
Lastly, I told him about a firearm readiness term I learned a while back regarding Shotguns: “Cruiser Ready” is a Law Enforcement term that applies to 12 gauge Pump Shotguns that are carried in patrol vehicles. Cruiser Ready is basically Condition 3 where the tube (ie, magazine on a pump shotgun) is fully loaded but the chamber is empty and the safety is on.
Hopefully I left this fellow in a more “informed” frame of mind that when we met!
Stay Dangerous!

Armed Citizen Corner: ZORE – The Future of Firearm Safety

Safety is paramount to every responsible gun owner. With that in mind, Zore, a Jerusalem-based startup company founded by a group of Israeli Defense Force veterans, has designed a gun storage system that prevents your firearm from being tampered with, but doesn’t impede your ability to neutralize threats quickly. And while it links to your smart phone, sounding alerts whenever the firearm is moved by someone else, the caliber-specific lock is mechanical. It’s a no-frills alternative to smart guns and other safety devices that rely on more complicated technology. There is, however, a catch: although it’s currently available for pre-order, the full package isn’t scheduled to ship until spring 2017. But, hey, good things come to those who wait, right?

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