FedCoin Crypto? With K from Combat Studies Group

FedCoin Crypto? With K from Combat Studies Group


My buddy NC Scout discusses some very interesting and disturbing developments in the financial sector on his most recent Radio Contra Podcast.

Remember: When the Sheep are distracted, the Wolves are plotting.

Stay Aware and Prepare Accordingly.

Welcome to Weimar

Welcome To Weimar


While the media is stirring up the Sheeple with news about NATO, Russia and the Ukraine, Inflation this month accelerates to a 40 Year High!

This Country is bleeding out internally and true to form the Gangsters in D.C. are trying to distract you with flashing lights and talk of War.

Know Your History and Prepare Accordingly.


Crony Capitalism a Bigger Threat than Socialism



Capitalism: Are We Talking about the Same Thing?


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Tricks of the Trade: Structuring Events and Transactions Around a Nonprofit’s Reception of a Charitable Contribution to Mask Conflicts of Interest and the Capitalization of Nepotism


By: Muunyayo

Note: these four diagrams I made for the purpose of this demonstration are used in a zoomed in presentation further into the blog post.

The Bottom Line:

Upon disbursement of the cash proceeds to an NPO to meet the pledge of a charitable contribution by another business entity, the round-robin begins in terms of the pass through of that very cash within the realm of the Nonprofit(NPO) world and it’s vendors, creditors, donors and beyond. And I am going to show you how charitable contributions made to these tax exempt NPOs generate more than just virtue signaling clout (for donating to “a good cause”) and a tax deduction to be used to offset taxable income for the entity making the donation. The following is a simple diagram of the clockwork-like movement of the cash donation (as you read on, you will be blown away how this – with…

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“If the Virus hadn’t caused the Crash, Something Else Would Have”?

What’s the bigger story right now? A Chinese Virus with a deceptively low mortality rate masking its hospitalization rate or rather, the economic crash seemingly placed upon us like a perfect storm? A lot of people are blaming the virus on the continuing economic carnage and they’re not wrong, but the issue is far deeper…

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