The GunMetal Armory: WW2 Resistance Cells, How Were They Built?

Good stuff. I’m going to be out in AZ with GMA and the crew for the RTO Course in just a few weeks, come out and train.

The GunMetal Armory: WW2 Resistance Cells, How Were They Built? — American Partisan

IFAK’s are available!

IFAK’s are here and available, you guys are going to really like these. No Hemostatic gauze to keep in affordable. No extra shit you don’t need, and all the basics. These fit in quite a few pouches that I’ve tried to put them into, I’ll do a video tomorrow all about it. Cost is $80…

IFAK’s are available! — American Partisan

Preparedness: A Realistic Bug Out Bag

Preparedness: A Realistic Bug Out Bag


Good, practical advice for a BOB.

If you and your loved ones don’t have one, here is your warning shot.

Prepare Accordingly.

Field Medicine: Antibiotic Chart to Guide Acquisition

Antibiotic Chart to Guide Acquisition


I would save and print out the chart in this article to have in your field and home medical bag.

You never know when it might come in handy.

Also check out this article on Acquiring Antibiotics.


French Foreign Legion Navigation Hack



Nifty trick when you find yourself lost in the woods.