Tactical to Practical – 5 Hand Signals Everyone Should Know

From Tactical to Practical – Tactical Training Being Put to Use in Everyday Life. This is the second article in a series written to provide real examples of how tactical training was used in everyday life. The articles are extracted from the boring life of one of the Brushbeater students and a proud member of…

Tactical to Practical – 5 Hand Signals Everyone Should Know, by Jessie Blaine — American Partisan

USMC Camouflage SOP – A guide to reduce physical signature under UAS

Aim Small, Miss Small

Aim Small, Miss Small


Take this strong dose of medicine with your coffee this morning and then send it to Five People you care about.

Tune out the Bullshit. Focus on the Objective.

“Learn to thrive on Awful, and deal out Misery.”

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!