Med Corner: The Basics of IV Fluids for Emergency Scenarios



Disclaimer: This is meant to be a brief overview and not a detailed guide on IVs. Please seek qualified medical training before attempting any of these steps. 


If you are not budgeting for Annual Training from Reputable Folks in Civilian Field/Trauma Medical you are cutting yourself way short.


Stuck Pig Medical

Lone Star Medics


Field Medicine: How to Suture – DIY Guide to Wound Closure Methods



If there is one area of Preparation that most martial citizens neglect it is trauma medicine. In the coming days of unpleasantness, medical care know how and medical supplies will be a premium asset.

I highly recommend you take some classes from seasoned pro’s like Stuck Pig Medical or Lone Star Medics.

Prepare Accordingly.


Field Medicine: Antibiotic Chart to Guide Acquisition

Antibiotic Chart to Guide Acquisition


I would save and print out the chart in this article to have in your field and home medical bag.

You never know when it might come in handy.

Also check out this article on Acquiring Antibiotics.


Is your Blow-Out Kit Stocked and Ready?

Just a FYI for those who do not understand the lingo: A Blow-Out Kit is not for the tires on your Truck nor is it a “boo-boo” kit with band-aids and neosporin.

BOK’s are Trauma Kits for serious life saving applications such as gunshot and knife wounds and staunching major arterial bleeding.

I typically keep three BOK’s: One in my BOB (Bug-Out-Bag) one on my Rifle Rig (Chest Rig or Riflemans Belt) and one in each Vehicle.

Softt-W 4 Gen4 Tourniquet

Beacon Chest Seals

Chito Gauze XR Pro

Quickclot Trauma Pack

Israeli Battle Dressing

EMT Shears

Small roll of Duct Tape

Pair of Heavy Duty Exam Gloves

Top 5 Must Have Items in EVERY Trauma Kit

Top 5 Must Have Items in EVERY Trauma Kit


At bare minimum you need a Trauma Kit in your VBOB, Go-Bag and Range Bag without exception.

I am also a fan of carrying an inexpensive homemade ITK on your person.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!