Culturecide: It’s About Stopping People from Reproducing



  • Feminism

  • Experimental mRNA injections

  • Infertility

  • Trans-Scam

  • Over-Regulation of Children

  • Abortion

  • Assisted Suicide

  • Abundance of Free Pornography

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‘Sex and the City’ inspiration Candace Bushnell reaches age 60 childless and alone

Yep this is the end result of Modern Liberal Feminism: The Stinging Regret of being Childless and Alone at age 60.

How’s all that Fredom Feel Now? 👎


Did you know that there is a real woman who inspired the feminist fairy tale TV show “Sex in the City”? She had an enormous influence on young women, who wanted the glamour, fun, and consequence-free sex with “high value” no-commitment men. Most women who adopted the values of the show probably thought that this path would eventually lead to marriage and children.

My friend Chris sent me this article from Fox News, which talks the woman who inspired the show’s storyline.

It says:

“Sex and the City” may have left a trailblazing legacy for women on television, but the book’s original author now thinks her independent lifestyle may not have been as rewarding.

Candace Bushnell, 60, who wrote the original 1997 novel which spawned the successful TV series for HBO, opened up to Sunday Times Magazine about her 2012 divorce, admitting it made her realize how not starting…

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‘Boy’ Just got Removed from the Boy Scouts? WTF?

Once again Third Wave Femi-Nazi’s proves how utterly despicable and hypocritical they are by helping to destroy an American Institution that has been around since 1910.

I second the question asked by Steven Crowder: Whats wrong with Boys and Girls being Different?

Oh Yeah, it’s part of God’s Natural Order and you Feminist just find that so offensive don’t you!

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