The ATF SBR Trap. A Follow Up To The “Tens Of Millions Will Be Felons” Post

Listen closely to what the Lawyer is saying.

The ATF is admitting to Entrapment in this 100% Unconstitutional rule and then telling you to sit and spin if you don’t like it.

Welcome to Overt Government Tyranny, the New Standard in FUSA. 🖕🖕🖕


Mason Dixon Survivalist Association

This video is a good follow up to last Friday’s, “Tens Of Millions Will Now Be Felons After The 120 Day Amnesty” post. The “SBR it with no $200 fee” trap they’ve set is real, and they even admit it as you’ll hear in the video.

BTW, here’s an option I told a Friend he could do yesterday, concerning the, “I don’t want to get caught with an SBR and go to jail” situation.

Add an extension to your barrel that makes it a legal 16″ barrel, then permanently affix it (weld/pin). The original CAR-15 the military used had a 12.5″ barrel and a flash suppressor extension and reproductions are welded and pinned.

DSA made the FAL OSW with a 13″ barrel and a permanent extension to make it the legal 16″. Many 14.5″ AR-15/M-4’s have a permanently attached flash suppressor for barrel length legality.

if you are concerned about…

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Why Did The Great Compromise Take So Long?



“If you are younger than a Boomer, you have spent much of your life under only one pillar of the Great Compromise. Although we lost home rule in 1965, we were able to keep our identity. The reasoning for this was largely two-fold, the destruction of Southern identity was always going to be more difficult than ending home rule. The fact that they needed us to fight their wars further protected the second pillar of the Great Compromise. But now, those days are over, they really don’t think they need the Southern janissaries anymore.

Thankfully, they appear to have gotten their wish. Southerners no longer have a desire to fight for a nation that hates them. The Empire is about to learn the hard way, in a war with China or Russia, why Dixie is the backbone of the American military.

They are about to learn why they need us, and we are about to learn why we don’t need them.”


There Are Now More Armed Bureaucrats Than There Are U.S. Marines

There Are Now More Armed Bureaucrats Than There Are U.S. Marines


This thing happening right now, where all these Federal agencies are garnering resources (with your tax dollars I might add) is called WAR FOOTING.

The Next Step is actual WAR.

Time to choose Sides: State Sovereignty or Federal Tyranny?





Know Your History: The Last Americans To Believe in the Voluntary Union of the States

The Last Americans To Believe in the Voluntary Union of the States


A bloody and pathetic page fromThe War of Northern Aggression that has been purposely obfuscated by the Federal Gub Mint for over One Hundred and Fifty years.

Just remember when the chips are down and things get spicy in the next few years with “domestic unrest” this is the legacy of the Federal Government toward unarmed civilians.

Federal Government Gangsters NEVER change their stripes or true colors.

Prepare Accordingly.


Flashback on Federal Tyranny: This Post-Apocalyptic Book Was Written By One Of The Oregon Militia Members

This Post-Apocalyptic Book Was Written By One Of The Oregon Militia Members


Looking back now we can see Levoy was not only a writer but also a prophet in the sense he was sounding the ALARM of unbridled Government Tyranny and writing about his own death at the hands of Government Gangster Assassins with badges.

Only Blood and Suffering: Regaining Lost Freedom by the late Levoy Finicum can be puchased HERE.