None Dare!

Via John Farnam at DTI

None dare call it treason!

None dare call them Communists!

Visibly armed ANTIFA thugs took over an entire section of the City of Seattle today, including a police precinct station.

The “response” of the Democrat mayor and police chief was that both bent-over and dropped their pants!

Of course, no one is surprised! ANTIFA thugs are smugly confident Marxicrats will do nothing.

I suspect this will become a trend in any number of other metro areas!

Marxicrats is Congress are voicing no objection!

All those naive Seattle liberals voted these sleazy Marxicrats into important political positions, and now they’re inheriting predictable results.

Like Minneapolis liberals, I sincerely hope they’re enjoying their “Communist Utopia!”

Neither ANTIFA, nor their DNC sponsors, care one whit about “black lives!”

They’re using black people to facilitate a Communist takeover, and enslave us all, and they are succeeding, because Republican politicians and others, who should be speaking-out are, in the end, disgusting cowards, as we see!

Marxicrats are evil people, evil beyond your wildest nightmares! We’ve seen many examples of their murderous handiwork. They’re fully aware that good and decent people know it and thus don’t vote for them, so they going to shove Communism down our throats, as is their habit.

They don’t care about our votes. They can buy and intimidate all the votes they want!

All who object are “racists,”

None dare speak-out against them!

We’re on our own!

“Your silence will not protect you.”

Audre Lorde

Cannon Fodder!

I am fed up with Traitors within our Government who have routinely put Military and Civilian lives at risk with asinine decisions like this. Don’t think for a second we, the PEOPLE, will forget your deeds and who you are.

The Founding Fathers were very clear on what should happen to traitors when the time comes. I won’t repeat it here but it involves a Tall Tree and a Short Rope.

Via John Farnam at DTI

Our Unarmed Forces!
Our current Secretary of Defense has smugly ordered all uniformed NG Troops deployed to Washington DC, regardless or rank or duty assignment, to neither carry, nor have access to, guns, nor ammunition, nor weapons of any kind!

Our Troopers are unable to protect themselves, while trying to do their duty in a violent environment!

The reason is as simple as it is cynical, and dishonorable:
Dead NG Troopers are easily replaced. No one cares about them. Besides, they’re insured!

Conversely, dead Democrat voters, who are currently rioting with scant interference from police, represent a tragic loss, and when police and NG Troopers attempt to keep themselves from being murdered by a violent mob, it may “upset” other rioters!

In short, our NG Troopers on dangerous riot duty have been ordered to “kneel before the howling mob,” right along with police and citizens!
I was naively under the (clearly false) impression that DOD actually cared about it’s Troopers and their mission.

What I can’t understand is why this rogue Sec/Def isn’t suddenly discovering that he is unemployed!

Golly Don, I thought you were the one Republican president who was not afraid to fire arrogant, insubordinate clowns like this, who put their personal leftist politics ahead of the safety of our Troopers!

I bet there are lots of loaded guns currently protecting this Sec/Def. I bet he is pretty sure his life is important!

His “concern for life” obviously doesn’t extend to those unfortunate enough to serve under him!

Why he is not this minute unceremoniously on his way out the door is a source of continuing mystery, and disappointment, to me!

“Fortune favors the bold, Always has!”
Losef Tarasov (played by Alfie Allen) in the 2014 feature film, “John Wick”

Far Right?

Via John Farnam at DTI

Far Right?

A University of Connecticut senior who is accused of murdering two men (with a gun), injuring another, and kidnaping a woman, during two separate attacks last Sunday (then fleeing in a stolen car), is a well-known far-left ideologue who espouses revocation of our Second Amendment.

He wrote in a 2018 post:

“School shootings are an epidemic plaguing this great country we live in. It is sad to think that any child should have to feel unsafe in school.”

I think such political leanings are relevant to any news report on the event, since this violent criminal suspect obviously wants all-embracing gun-bans applied to everyone except himself (much like all Democrats).

Yet, this aspect of the story has remained unreported, across-the-board. Only the NY Post let it briefly slip-out!

Of course, if this suspect had been an NRA member, Trump supporter, or any kind of advocate for conservative causes, the hypocritical media would be self-righteously shouting it from the rooftops!

But, because he is one of them, they hide facts they wish were not true.

I am confused as to why those of us seeking protection for our Second Amendment Rights are routinely referred to as “far-right fanatics” by Democrats and their ever-obedient mouthpieces in the media.

Simultaneously, Democrats who openly advocate for immediate banning and forced confiscation of all legally-owned firearms from innocent American citizens are not called “Communists,” nor “far-left fanatics,” but rather, “moderates”

Nor are Democrat governors and mayors, arrogantly wielding extra-Constitutional powers, while ever-demanding special privileges for themselves, ever called “far-left”

JFK, if he were alive today, would be called a “far-right fanatic” by modern Democrats and their media lackeys!

“Scientific/technological advancement, economic self-determination, capitalism, and all manifestations of economic progress are now denigrated as examples of selfishness. We’re told that Communism and individual enslavement are the only solutions to our great national sin of individual freedom.

Even personal filth is now back in style!”


A Common Epitaph

Via John Farnam

“Who are without swords can still die upon them!” From “Lord of the Rings”

In reporting yesterday’s mall shooting in AZ, local media reiterated this all-to-common epitaph:

“When police arrived at the mall, the scene was no longer active”

Additional details are still emerging, but the above headline is the point of this Quip!

Seldom do police arrive while shots are still being fired! No matter how fast the police response, the “incident” is almost always over by the time police get there, and police are thus not usually in a position to affect the outcome.

Police arriving “in the nick of time” is mostly confined to movies!

Accordingly, when you find yourself in such a dire circumstance, the only person in a position to save your life will likely be you, and only you. Having the heart, ability, and confidence to act unhesitatingly and precisely, at the critical moment, will save your life, and there is nothing else in the universe that can!

At that instant, all else is nonsense!

You’re ready, or you’re not. Either way, the moment passes!

Fools think that being deliberately unarmed and unprepared provides some kind of phantasmal protection, as they can depend upon the “chivalry” of violent criminals.

Countless unarmed victims of criminal violence can tell you how well that works!

“Martyrdom is overrated”


Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

What Is It For?

 Another sage quip from John Farnam regarding keeping your fighting gun simple. This is a prime example of Competition “race” gun mentality bleeding over into the Practical Carry arena.


“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”

Coco Chanel


“Forward” slide serrations (forward of the ejection port) on pistols are not a new idea.

The Colt M1900 pistol (that would eventually evolve into the 1911 pistol we know today) had them, and it was a bad idea, as it encouraged the shooter to get fingers in front of the muzzle.

At the time, autoloading pistols, particularly pistols designed for the military, were just coming into being, and designers of the era had only a blurred idea how they would be carried, handled, and used in during actual fighting.

A decade later, when the Colt M1900 evolved, by steps, into the Colt M1911, serrations were wisely moved to the rear of the slide, at the insistence of the War Department!

They’ve been there ever since!

Today, forward slide serrations are still a bad idea, for the same reason they’ve always been a bad idea, and only recently have they foolishly made a small-scale comeback, at least among some custom gunsmiths.

They are still extremely (and wisely) rare on OEM pistols!

Forward slide serrations are an example of a “feature” that some shooters in certain quaint competitions may think they want, but for Operators and War-Fighters they are useless and thus ignored when present, dangerous when the shooter mistakenly tries to get his support-side hand far enough forward to actually put them to use.

“Peep,” or “aperture,” rear sights on military rifles, until recently, were mostly confined to America.

Europeans and Soviets preferred “notch” or “V” rear sights.

Typically, iron rifle sights, both front and rear, were made large during wartime, so they could be used to get on-target quickly.

As soon as the war is over, sights become small again, so that high scores can be achieved, once more, during quaint peacetime academic exercises in theoretical accuracy!

This is one reason why the 1917 “American Enfield” rifle was preferred by WWI War-Fighters over the 1903 Springfield.

Both were perfectly functional, but the 1903’s small sights were slower on-target than were the larger (but less precise) sights on the 1917.

Even in our modern age, with universal adoption of optics on military rifles, War-Fighters and Operators want tidy, unlittered reticles with big dots and thick cross-hairs for quick target acquisition, while target competitors (and maybe snipers) want small dots, thin cross-hairs, and all kinds of esoteric ranging information cluttering the reticle and competing for the shooter’s attention.

When a student asks what kind of gun they should get, and what kind of sights it should have, I reply, before asking anything else:

“What is it for?”

“Beware of an old man in a profession where men usually die young!”