Celebrating Europe’s Natural Beauty: The Devil’s Bridge, Kromlau Germany


The Rakotzbrücke, aka the Devil’s Bridge, stretches across the Rakotzsee River in Rhododendron Park, in Kromlau, Saxony, Germany. That’s a mouthful of an address, and the 160-acre park contains a wealth of natural, and manmade, tableaus. The bridge in our image is one of the park’s most sublime sights. Built in the 19th century, the slender span is flanked by basalt columns carved to look like natural rock walls. Thanks to its reflection, the bridge creates a perfect circle that has inspired a plethora of stunning photographs. A number of arched bridges across Europe and beyond go by the name ‘Devil’s Bridge.’ As the folklore typically goes, these bridges were so tricky to build that they must’ve been created by the devil.