Percentage of Foreign Sex Offenders Skyrocketing

Migrants are said to have raped a Ukrainian woman in accommodation


This article caught my eye for the primary reason that it validates something I have noticed in the past few years.

Regardless of the geography, whether it be the U.S. or Europe, the predominant number of sex crimes being committed are being done by “imported illegal immigrants” and by “imported” I mean with the Government’s full support.

Those sex crimes include rape, sexual assault and child rape as well.

If you don’t believe that fact, go over to Illegal Alien Crime Report and scroll down the list of recent offenders.

In the process of the Great Replacement where the globalist powers that be are attempting to change the cultural and political landscape by importing the third world, innocent people’s lives, mostly women and children, are being ruined forever.

Stand Up to the Rising of the Tide.



Here We Go Again

Biden Will Allow Ukrainian Immigrants In The US To Obtain Temporary Protected Status

First it was Syria under Barry Hussein, then the colossal Afghanistan fuck up, and now, big surprise, the Ukraine.

Every country we stick our nose into we seem to inherit their problems, or maybe it is by design?

Import the Third World, become the Third World.

Import Global problems, become just another pathetic  Globo-Homo “Lost and Found” Nation. (See Western Europe).

Notice they did not call these Ukranians “refugees” like they did the Afghanistan brown rapist even though they are using the same tired party line about it being a “Humanitarian Crisis” that they engineered of their own stupidity.

Yeah I know the majority of these people are white and that should make a difference.

But it doesn’t. Not for me.

Like Seax I really don’t care about the Slavs.

No Vacancy.

Return to Sender.

You gotta draw the line folks or else your so-called “Homeland” will cease to be YOUR HOME anymore.

Crime Awareness: The Fourth Mafia

Pay or Burn: An Italian Mafia’s Message to Businesses


Contrary to popular belief, the “Mafia” in one form or another, is not dead in 21st Century Italy.


Celebrating Europe’s Natural Beauty: The Devil’s Bridge, Kromlau Germany


The Rakotzbrücke, aka the Devil’s Bridge, stretches across the Rakotzsee River in Rhododendron Park, in Kromlau, Saxony, Germany. That’s a mouthful of an address, and the 160-acre park contains a wealth of natural, and manmade, tableaus. The bridge in our image is one of the park’s most sublime sights. Built in the 19th century, the slender span is flanked by basalt columns carved to look like natural rock walls. Thanks to its reflection, the bridge creates a perfect circle that has inspired a plethora of stunning photographs. A number of arched bridges across Europe and beyond go by the name ‘Devil’s Bridge.’ As the folklore typically goes, these bridges were so tricky to build that they must’ve been created by the devil.

Another Manufactured War

As a man who dedicated a large part of his adult life to the Military and the Security of this Nation, and a man who has had over a decade to reflect and learn about the LIES told to him by his own Government regarding the Manufactured War in Iraq, where I lost so many good friends, here is my take on what is happening right now with Russia and Ukraine.

I will start it off with a Question:  Why is it Saber Rattling War Mongers are ALWAYS the People who have never actually Fought in a War (Politicians) and more to the point, Do Not stand to LOSE anybody to War but yet are ALWAYS the First ones to Scream about Needing to GO TO WAR?

Paul Craig Roberts wrote a short, succint article last week on the “crisis” in the Ukraine that I think clarifies the matter greatly.

My Top 3 Reasons why a War with Russia is Ridiculously Stupid:

  1. Why are we worrying about another country’s borders while our own Country is in the shitter? That question really answers itself. Nothing like a War to get people’s minds off the fact their country is literally being invaded by all manner of violent criminals and terrorist meanwhile ridiculous inflation and debt keep soaring upwards while a marxist totalitarian Government continues to wage war on Whites while letting any other color get away with murder, literally.

  2. Our Military is in no shape to fight a conventional prolonged conflict with a Modern Army. Our leadership in the JCS are a bunch of clowns who over the past decade have drained the NCO and Officer ranks of experience in lieu of multi-culturalist, WOKE box tickers. The average recruit is borderline obese and cannot meet even minimum weapon Qualification Test Standards.

  3. Nobody seems to want to address the real Elephant in the Room Foreign Threat: China, why is that you think? Maybe because so many politicians are OWNED by China?