Memento Mori

Memento Mori


Essay by Woodshop Handman.

Confronting the inevitability of death.


“Look at him. Do you know how long butterflies live? Around twelve months. In that time, what have you done with your life? Are you still living as if death doesn’t exist? Look at him. He is living each day to the fullest.”


Vespasian and the Architect

Vespasian and the Architect

Historical essay by Seax.

A tale of tradition and progress.

By: Seax


In the scope of human understanding, mythology will never be replaced. So it goes in the vast annals of human achievement that we remember our figureheads first and foremost not merely by their dry statistics, their dates and accomplishments – rather we remember anecdotes, tall tales, legends – myths. This connects us to our subject on a meta-narrative that a mathematical equation never can.

I should like to tell you a story that struck me, for many reasons. Can I say for sure the tale is true? How can I? How can I prove anything outside of my tangible sphere of influence? It is all a matter of faith, and trust that you have not been lied to. The subject of my story is the Emperor Vespasian. Vespasian was one of the Good Emperors that followed in the controversial wake of the Emperor Augustus, the man against whom all future Caesars and later Augustii would be measured.

I should like to think our story begins in the long hours of the afternoon. The Civilians had returned to their homes to prepare for dinner, leaving the cobblestone roads in relative silence. Perhaps a gentle breeze murmured through the alleyways. The sky might as well have been blue, crystalline, with powdered clouds spattered across the firmament like so many fading thoughts. Muddled echoes would find their way out from the windows and the doors of tenements and villas, but be met with silence in the Forum.

Overlooking the scene we can imagine we should find Vespasian, standing on the Imperial balcony of his palace, overlooking the great paths of the Via Romanum. He would have stood quietly, contemplatively, as he listened to the appellations of his honoured guest. Being noted as a shrewd Emperor, Vespasian composed himself quietly, taking in the counsel and the firm pitch of his guest.

The minutes were long, that Vespasian entertained the explanations and enticements of his guest. But in the end, the speech rolled itself up into a blur. And who was Vespasian’s honoured guest? An Architect of note. Was he provincial or urban? Vespasian couldn’t quite recall, as he furrowed his brow, trying to keep all the details straight. The Architect had sought his audience to sell him on patents. He had devised blueprints for marvellous technology, he assured His Highness, that would forever revolutionise the Roman labour pool. In fact, these devices would eliminate the need for manual labours in some fields altogether. Oh, the device would expedite the tedious building process, and, rest assured, save countless probable lives – after the glitches were worked out, of course.

Vespasian listened, speaking not a word until the Architect’s great enthusiasm drained into an estuary of concern, and finally suspicion. He went from confident boasting, to detailed pitching, to excited conniving. Eventually the spaces between his sentences punctuated the growing silence. Finally the Architect stammered, “do you understand what I’m offering?”

Vespasian smirked. He then straightened his wry smile into a deadpan and whirled around, “You ask me if I understand?” Vespasian forced, firmly, but without aggression. The Architect shrunk into his triclinium. “I…” Vespasian turned back toward the ledge of his balcony. “Come, stand with me, Architect,” he implored. The Architect, now clearly shaken, knew also that only a fool would delay an Emperor. He stood with Vespasian.

“Roman hands built this city,” Vespasian said, “Roman minds.” He lowered his voice, “I thank you for your genius, your patriotism and your service. You will be paid well for your time, I assure you, but your device will never see implementation so long as I, or any of my associates, shall live.”

“But… why?” the Architect burst, flinching immediately at his outburst.

Unphased, Vespasian took a deep breath, he motioned with an unclenched wave of his hand, sweeping across the horizon. “This Empire is the work of human hands. A human endeavour. The hands of man shaped it, and this Empire puts food in the hands that built her. If I were to rob my Citizens of work, what then should they do? Were then would they go? What then could they do? There is a balance in every human endeavour. Progress for the sake of progress is no progress at all, for it ignores the human element.”

Vespasian continued to speak, raising his voice firmly and gently at every hint of opposition from the Architect. “There is a Peace in Rome, which comes about from maintaining certain traditions. The Patricians have their work, the Plebeians have theirs. If I ignore the work of the Plebeians to feed the Patricians, they will turn to violence. And who could blame them? I would have robbed them of their livelihood, their traditions.” Vespasian shook his head, “I will not replace the Roman worker with your machines. You will speak of this no more.”

One wonders what the Architect did next, after he stood in stunned silence until Vespasian called for his dismissal. One wonders also how farsighted Vespasian was in this decision, for we live now in a time where the citizens of another ageing Empire wonder why it was their overlords decided to replace them first with indentured servants from exotic lands, and then with cold and unfeeling machines. Perhaps Rome, like this latterday Empire, would have celebrated progress for the sake of progress, blindly championing their own eventual displacement and extermination at the hands of their own excess. How many years did Vespasian add to the Thousand Year Empire? How much borrowed time could we steal if only we today learned from the examples of far-seeing men, as opposed to following the lemming to the gleeful shrieks of the Tarpeian Rock as we throw ourselves to the doom of the delighted consumer?

I know that I should like to know, perhaps we can begin asking these questions of our peers, for history provides a safe medium to discuss. So far, we foolish moderners think, removed from the daily affairs we are forced to engage in. Perhaps if again enough people began to ask and think and do and be, than again we can presume to imagine a world in which the Bronze Man becomes Silver or Gold, and the Philosopher King can rise again from the ashes to claim his Republic.

An Essay to Give You Hope for the Future

The following essay was written by my 17 year old son for his Senior English honors class.

After reading it three times I realized that not only did I have a son who had inherited his dad’s gift for writing but also that I had done my job as a parent in raising a level headed, practical, strong, moral young white man who could go out into society and actually be of some real use. To say I was pleased with his work would be an understatement!

I am re-printing it here with his permission not only to show it off but I guess also to pat myself on the back a little!

(An Older article in which I discussed the dangers of Technology Addiction can be read HERE)



The so-called “Technological Revolution” has degraded our society, not progressed it.

This “Revolution” has made us depressed, weaker, and more immoral than any other time in history. Society justifies the onset of these afflictions with the hope that further technological advancement will one day bring the opportunity to feel true happiness. But the dismal reality is that further technological development will only exasperate these issues to a higher extent. Humans were evolved to live amongst nature all day, this is in stark contrast to the modern era where the closest most people get to nature is the wallpaper of a beach that they have on their computer. This disconnect to our natural environment has had a disastrous impact on our society’s well-being.

The modern man’s lifestyle is more akin to a sloth who knows how to work a computer rather than the highly developed endurance runners we were born to be. The average man will wake up, have a breakfast of coffee or a fatty piece of bacon, hop in his car and drive to his workplace where he will then sit at a desk for eight hours straight. This kind of lifestyle is the prime cause of why the world is experiencing the sizable obesity epidemic that we are seeing today. Another cause is the high fat and sodium diet that so much of the world is accustomed to. Due to the industrialization of the food industry, companies found packing foods with simple sugars and sodium makes the production of the food cheaper, and the shelf life longer. The effects of this switch from whole foods to factory foods can be clearly seen in society today. Sixty years ago the average 20-39 year old American man weighed a healthy 166.3 pounds, nowadays the average 20-39 year old American male weighs 196.9 pounds(Healthline). Now, if this weight was made up of muscle it would be perfectly healthy, but studies indicate that the average body fat percentage for males is 28%, well into being considered overweight. This all can be traced into the rise of the processed food industry onset by the industrial revolution. Beyond affecting the working man’s health, the effect of the industrial revolution can most clearly be seen in today’s youth.

More and more teenagers report having feelings of anxiety and depression on a day to day basis. Research supports this claim. According to the Pew Research Center, the total number of teenagers who have recently experienced depression has increased 59% between the years of 2007 and 2017(Pew Res. Center). This is caused by the alienation they feel from social media, on top of the pressure that our youth experience deriving from their lack of goals, and guidance.

Social media has had a highly negative impact on our society. Instagram is a virtual highlight reel, where anyone scrolling is subjected to one’s happiest moments, specifically tailored to make it seem like their life is perfect. This constant subjection to other people’s highlight reels has the effect of making someone feel like their life is not worth living. The effect of this is that the person shells up their emotion in an attempt to make themselves seem happier to the world. This will only make the person more miserable, and ironically, more anti-social. Saying this, social media has had the opposite effect on society than intended. Social media was intended to be a way to connect with friends and family through photos and videos. It has now become a popularity contest, a platform to measure one’s value in the societal hierarchy. The reason that the application has not been used as intended, is that it is not designed to improve the users life. Rather, it is designed to be addictive, so that you never want to leave the hamster wheel of chasing more likes, followers, and comments.

The youth are more lost than ever. According to the U.S census bureau, 25% of children grow up without a father (National Fatherhood Initiative). The effects of this lack of guidance is startling. Studies have shown that teens that grow up without a father figure are twice as likely to drop out of high school, four times greater risk of poverty, and seven times more likely to become pregnant as a teen. This sudden onset of fatherless homes is no coincidence. The rise in bastards is directly tied to the industrialization of our society. As the job market has become more and more technical, the role of the man working a blue collar job has significantly decreased. Thus, society’s view on men has degraded as well. This has made men more infirm than ever, and with weaker men, comes feeble fathers.

The most disturbing part of this rise in depression is the effects it has on youth if these feelings persist. Teen suicide is up by nearly 60% according to the CDC. Additionally, teen suicide is now the second leading cause of death among ages 18-34. Now, what is the solution presented by industrial society? Antidepressants. Mankind has become so dejected with the current way of living that it has become necessary to make a pill to block out your true emotions.

Along with being more unhealthy and depressed than ever, humans are also now more immoral and Godless than ever. Humans are inherently believing creatures, so when you remove that moral compass, chaos insures. Pedophilia is on the rise, and pornography is the catalyst of it by brainwashing the men of today and desensitizing them to increasingly vulgar content. This has all been onset by the advancements made in the internet’s infrastructure. And of course, the suffering doesn’t end with the users, it most devastatingly affects the adolescence.

Pedophilia is on the rise and it is affecting today’s youth. Data from the Crimes Against Children Research Center show that in the US, 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys have been a victim of a sexual crime(NCVC). It has become such a widespread issue that some parts of the Western world are now accepting pedophilia as something that is normal. This mental sickness is a product of someone being totally morally bankrupt, and a prime indication that the sudden technological advancement has caused serious ailments in our society. The prime reason for this uptick in crimes against children is a direct result of the rise in production and ease of access to vulgar content on the internet.

Porn is the root of this rise of immorality today. It conditions males to seek increasingly degrading and wicked content. This can be seen in the fact that the majority of child predators were porn addicts before committing the actual act. The reason porn has such a negative effect on the human mind lies in how we are wired. Back in the days of running in the savannah with a spear males had to work to find a suitable mate. These days, you can fool your mind into believing you have an unlimited amount of mates at the tips of your fingers. The effects this has on the mind’s dopamine receptors is startling. As the dopamine receptors become desensitized, the person must look for a bigger hit of dopamine in the form of more and more reprehensible content. Worse yet, the pornography industry will only continue to grow and make more of this content to consume mindlessly. This is not how humans are supposed to live.

So as the world consumes more social media, porn, and synthetically designed pills to block how you perceive emotion, I ask, was it all worth it? The iPhone, the air conditioned house, are these fruits of industrial advancement worth the millions of lives that are now cast into a gloomy existence? The houses will never be big enough, the phones not smart enough, and the pills not strong enough.

As long as we continue to chase that utopia, the suffering will only increase.

This I Will Defend

(The Good folks over at American Partisan ran this essay as well, so please pay them a visit!)


The situation on the U.S./Mexican Border has now gotten to a critical mass juncture.

We have passed the point of petty partisan politics, catchy campaign slogans or useless discourses on the pro’s and con’s of illegal immigration on the American economy.

We now have at the U.S./Mexico border ARMED individuals escorting human cargo (ie, illegal aliens) across the border. Or to put it another way, a deliberate armed incursion by foreign nationals into the United States of America to commit a crime (importation of illegal aliens).

Where is the National Alarm? Where is the outrage? Hell, Where is just the general concern?

(Insert Crickets Chirping loudly HERE)

I am going to make two quick points about this matter and then I have a very long seven hour drive to make to the border to join other like-minded and motivated individuals who are ready to DEFEND their STATE and COUNTRY against foreign invaders and Assist the CBP in legally apprehending any and all illegal aliens which cross over to American soil.

The first point is this. The majority of Americans are APATHETIC and LAZY when it comes to the SECURITY of this country.

Regardless of political belief: Left, Right, Middle or Upside Down, Americans have always had strong opinions on the issue of illegal immigration. But when it comes to ACTION, as in actually PHYSICALLY DOING SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE TO HELP SOLVE THE PROBLEM like the good people at Arizona Border Recon or the Texas Oath Keepers are doing, most people are going to be NO SHOWS.

They would much rather take the path of least resistance and be a keyboard warrior on Twitter and FB.

Most people also forget that for us Texans and other Southern Border State citizens, the term ‘Border War’ is not some catchy click bait title, but a very REAL and bloody memory.  It wasn’t but just under a hundred years ago that ARMED mexican insurgents known as ‘seditionistas’ crossed the Rio Grande into Texas in a series of treacherous raids which murdered scores of American civilians, Law Enforcement and Military personnel.

The Second point is the majority of American’s refuse to see the big picture regarding the NEFARIOUS AGENDA of the left and illegal immigration as it pertains to the DESTRUCTION of America. This includes Fourth Generation Warfare tactics such as lawfare, propaganda and inciting civil unrest.

These leftist ‘useful idiots’ have all drank the kool-aid spiked by Soros and his marxist/globalist cronies in Government that claim ‘open borders’ in America is for the “good of humanity” and anybody who does not want to let these “poor, retched souls” into America are just heartless draconian fascist thugs.

Never mind the majority of these “poor, retched illegal aliens ” are mainly adult-age males from Central America with violent gang affiliations and criminal records longer than your arm for offenses such as pedophilia, rape and murder. In a large majority of the cases made public,  these illegals have been deported up to five times!

Ask yourself a simple, logical question: How many times have you seen the drastic repercussions of releasing these convicted felons who have been deported multiple times back into American society?

And as if all of that was not enough, we now have communist agitators within our own Government actually debating what really makes an “American Citizen?”

See where all this is going?

I am not one to use terms like ‘New World Order’ (NWO) lightly but this is exactly the direction all of this is  headed: No Borders, No States, No Nationalities,  just “Citizens of the World” with the United Nations as their Golden Calf.

The two best examples I could use to qualify this are the CURRENT state of Europe and the U.K in regards to illegal mass migration of immigrants. “Population Replacement” is not some far right Conspiracy theory catch phrase, but an actual POLICY that the United Nations rolled out in 2001 called Replacement Migration: Is it a Solution to Declining and Ageing Populations?”

The second qualifier is History itself, which is replete with examples of where “open borders” heavily contributed to the downfall of empires and nation-states. The most obvious example being the Roman Empire, where “Multi-Culturalism” and “Cultural Inclusiveness” helped to gradually wipe the behemoth of Rome from the map.

So all of this begs the Question: Are YOU, the martial citizen, prepared to Fight for and Defend what you hold dear? Are you prepared to defend your TRIBE, STATE and COUNTRY like so many men and women before you have? If the answer is yes, then your attention needs to shift to the Southern Border of the United States and the slow and gradual erosion of the American Republic.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!