Empty-Hand Skill’s Win The Day

MMA fighter springs into action to take down NYC assault suspect


The more Skill-Set’s You have in your Toolbox, the more effective you can be in the protection of yourself and others.

Don’t have Empy Hand Skills? Pick one and Learn! I always tell people Boxing or Street Combatives is the best place to start.

My Father got me involved in Boxing at a young age and it was the foundation for all the other Mixed Martial Arts I learned over the years.

NEVER rely on a Weapon for Self-Defense!

Your approach should be the same regardless if it is empty hand, stick, knife or gun.

One Mind, Any Weapon should be your motto!


Friends Don’t Let Friend’s Open Carry

When a armed civilian carries a handgun openly for self-defense they give away the element of surprise and invite trouble that most armed civilians are not trained to handle, namely WEAPON RETENTION via empty-hand and/or knife skills.

If you are going to carry a handgun for self-defense, carry concealed and increase your odds for success by retaining the element of surprise.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!