Fall 2021 County-Comm Product Review

The good folks at County-Comm have been burning the midnight oil as of late and have been producing some pretty nifty kit for us Gear Junkies/Preppers and Martial Civilian Folk!

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Brass Pico Pull

Most people do not realize that Geo-caching is not just a nifty little sub-culture of 21st Century treasure hunting but also a valuable skill to have as a prepper and survivalist. Stashing important small items in unlikely and/or hidden places can have GREAT value in the coming spicy times in which we are living. Ed Calderon really opened my eyes to this fact in his recent EDC Video where he talked about stashing SD and Micro-SD cards with important Medical Data and even Crypto currency on them. And FYI if you need a bigger vault CC has you covered with the XL Picolo Titanium Nitro Vault.


Jumbo Armorer Parts Tray

Listen guys, sometimes the most simplest things are often the most neglected. Small parts and tools are EASY to lose! (Especially as we get older!) so having a small, simple tray like this to keep things organized and off the floor (and saving you and your back from doing that 30 minute ground crawl for that screw!) Plus if you own firearms or a DIY guy like me or just like to tinker around, you need you one or three of these bad boys, trust me! I like the Zombie Green color just because it is EASY to see but they also come in Battleship Grey and International Orange.


Universal Glow Marker (UGM) Tough patch 1″x1″


Murphy’s Law states that BAD THINGS are going to happen to you at the most INCONVENIENT TIMES. In my experience that “TIME” has always been at NIGHT, when it’s DARK. So it would make sense to prepare for this by having plenty of flashlights at the ready (and mounted on his weapons) AND having UGM markers on things you needs to find in a hurry in the dark! This could be any number of items: Cell Phone, Weapons, Flashlights, Keys, Light switches, Door knobs in hotel rooms, etc.  I also use them as “HOMING BEACONS” (since I am not a fan of night lights) to guide me in my bedroom and bathroom when I am half-asleep! Thanks to the wizards who work in the back room over at County-Comm you can install and uninstall these little handy jokers anywhere since they have a 3M velcro strip attached!


TPSK – Titanium Precision Screwdriver Kit – Gen 2

Who doesn’t need a titanium screwdriver with multiple attachments? I mean this is one of those no brainers if you ask me. Three things a man can never have enough of: Guns, Ammo and Screwdrivers. Plus, it’s made out of a prescious/hardcore material so when things get bad and we go to a cashless/barter society you will have a leg up! I’m a gear head guys so excuse me while I really get nerdy on the details, but the worksmanship on this little tool is AMAZING. The knurling on the grip is SICK!


Anodized EDC Pendulum Pen ( Limited Edition )

It has been my experience that writing instruments (pencils and pens) and paper are one of those things that most often get neglected in GO-BAGS and VBOBS. Besides being standard equipment, think about if you need to leave a note or make a list or, and this is getting dark: leave your last will and testament before setting out into the post-apocalyptic wasteland? (Hey I’m a writer, my imagination runs wild some times!) The anodized aluminum body is knurled for an easy, comfortable grip and it comes in five amazing colors! This is a limited production run made special in CC’s Secret Ninja Lab, so get your’s now!


AAAx2 Extreme – Tactical Light by Maratac Rev 3

This little five inch extreme powerhouse runs off (2) AAA Batteries and gives you 3 Modes to choose from: High is 425 lumens (runs for 1.65 hours) Medium is 45 Lumens (runs for 6 hours) and Lunar Low is 1.5 Lumens (Runs for 100 hours). I have said this many times: Maratac is one of the most affordable, tough and dependable brands on the market. The beauty of them is their price point. You can purchase more than one and stash them anywhere and everywhere you might need a flashlight! Not to get too technical. but it is more practical IMO to have your flashlights either be RECHARGEABLES or run off COMMON batteries (AA, AAA, C, D). The reason being that the high output Lithiums do not have very long run times and are more expensive to keep on hand. Not to mention the current “supply issues” with China are going to make lithium powered flashlights obsolete really, really fast.



Reflective 550 Paracord Square Knot Lanyard ( 5 Pack )

Installing items on your gear that help you not lose it is a no brainer in my opinion! As I have gotten older, I appreciate bright colors like these lanyards! Whether you install it on your EDC Knife, flashlight, keys or as a zipper pull these lanyards will help you keep up and on top of things!


Clear Tube Vaults

County-Comm is huge on STORAGE devices, and for good reason. In any Prepping/Survival situation, the ability to keep something safe and/or protected from the elements (moisture and heat) can mean the difference between life and death! These clear, pharmaceutical grade, crush resistant tube vaults are perfect for storing any number of small items to include batteries, medications and liquid lunches.


Building your Kids a SHTF “Key Ring”



If you are a parent and are like me, for every thought that passes through your mind about preparation, survival and security, there is always another thought that follows close behind that ask how it applies to your kids. In going over a basic SHTF plan, most families have to consider that their is a strong likelihood their kids will be in school when the hammer drops. Now for all you good folks that home school, of course you are one-step ahead on this, and God Bless you for it, but for the rest of us with kids in Public or Private school, we have to deal with the problem of having to scoop them up before doing anything else, whether that be Shelter in place or Bug-Out.

So all this got me to thinking, (which according to my wife, can be a BAD thing), wouldn’t it be SMART to put together a simple, practical little kit that could fit inside your kids school backpack that would contain things to help them survive and stay safe at least until you got there to pick them up or worst case if they got separated from you for a period of time? (Which is one of the reasons you need to have planned RALLY POINTS to meet up at if they have to BUG-OUT from the school).

Now, of course,it goes without saying that none of these items could violate any of your child’s school policies on weapons or other “prohibited items”. I mean you don’t want to appear like that “Crazy Prepper Dad”, but then again, you don’t want to be just another “Asleep-at-the-wheel Sheeple” who depends on EVERYBODY ELSE  (Including the Government and Public/Private School System) to take care of their child’s welfare either!

In putting together such a kit, initially I thought about a full blown mini GO-BAG that could fit in their backpacks, complete with a trauma kit; but after talking to my kids, I realized that no matter how cool kids may think “prepping” is, carrying around a small pack full of gear IN ADDITION to all of their heavy books and other school stuff is not acceptable and just plain not cool.

Comtech Stinger

Comtech Stinger

After brainstorming, I finally arrived at the “Key Ring” Ideal. Now this is not a new concept, by any means, as I am sure many of you, like me, carry practical things on your car key ring like a small pocket  LED light, ITW Survival Whistleand my trusty Comtech “Stinger”Now to make this school friendly and keep my kids out of the Principals Office, I would have to remove the Stinger, and replace it with something a tad less threatening, but still just as useful.

Here is what I came up with:

  • Instead of the pocket light, replace it with a Small, yet powerful AAA flashlight. I went ahead and added a couple of the pocket LED lights like the one on my key ring to the outer zippers on their backpacks.
  •  ITW Whistle (The ones County-Comm sells are LOUD!)
  • Metal Match (Could not send a lighter for obvious reasons)
  • Water Filter Straw (Don’t buy the cheap crappy ones..these are the best).
  • Small, Emergency Micro Signal Mirror (Requires some training, but not hard once you get the hang of it).
  • Small Kubotan  for Striking. Not as menacing looking at the Stinger but just as useful in a pinch.

And to make it so they cannot easily lose any of these items, as some of them are small, I hung all of the above on a twelve inch stainless steel mechanics key ring. I found that on my kids backpacks, in the inner pockets, there is a small clip that this key ring can be attached too. This is perfect, as it keeps it secure and out of the way until needed.

E3 Solutions ITK

E3 Solutions ITK

So in examining the type of things you need to include, just as with a Go-Bag, A First Aid/Trauma pack is mandatory. The only problem is you can’t hang one on a key ring!  Now this is gonna be a judgement call for each parent to make, and I think it depends a lot on the kids age, individual maturity level and how much time you spend training with them, but I have always had my kids carry a ITK (Individual Trauma Kit) in their school backpacks. We use the one that E3 Solutions offers, as it has everything you need and is perfect for discreet carry.

So there it is, a simple SHTF Key Ring to both give you piece of mind as a parent and give your kids a leg up if they ever need it.

Don’t forget: Hardware is Cool, but Software (Mindset and Training) are what is gonna keep them alive. So when you get one of these assembled, go outside with your kids and teach them how to use all the gear…it is great fun and who knows, it might be the one thing that helps keeps them alive some day.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous (And Train your Kids to do the Same!!)