The Art of Exploitation: Urban Movement and Urban Camo



Big fan of Ed Calderon. 

If you have not seen his EDC Video watch it now!


Reality Check

As far as being ARMED, Not Being ABLE and not being ALLOWED are two completely different things. Learn the Difference.

Having the Ability and Means to Protect Yourself and Your Family Should be an Internationally Protected Human Right. Most of the Places that are suffering from Human Rights Violations via an oppressive Government or Criminal Organization (Drug Cartels) are typically living off an unarmed populace.

We must Understand History. The correlation between a Government or a Group DISARMING a populace is almost always immediately followed by the Govt. or Group turning that Populace into some kind of Resource. (Forced Labor, Medical Experiments, Mass Extermination.)

Ed Calderon, 2021

How to Get out of Handcuffs Using Picks and Shims

How to Get out of Handcuffs Using Picks and Shims


Some extremely practical and useful advice for the crazy world in which we live.

Besides the obvious scenario of being ILLEGALLY detained by corrupt Police, how about a home invasion or a kidnapping attempt?

One of the most practical and real deal Escape and Evasion Instructors out there right now, Ed Calderon talks about the subject of escaping restraints (including zip ties) in detail HERE.

Stay Focused. The World is not going to get any Better.


Border SitRep

You want the unvarnished truth about The Cartels and the Border?

Ed Calderon is the man who has the answers.

Check out Border Hawk for the REAL News on America’s Borders.

Prepare Accordingly.