Our First Amendment

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“Our First Amendment was not designed to protect speech you love. It is there to protect speech you hate.”  –Larry Flynt


Having and expressing “non-government-approved thoughts” is not a crime in America (see above)!

But, it has suddenly been made a “crime” by the new Administration, particularly for NG troopers, the same troopers who, assigned to DC during the inauguration, were not allowed to have magazines in their rifles, even empty magazines, because it might “look menacing.”

Those same unarmed troopers have now been unceremoniously thrown-out of government buildings where they had been standing-by and told to camp-out in parking lots, with no restrooms, no heat, no facilities.

This utter contempt with which troopers are being treated pretty much demonstrates what leftist politicians think of our military!

In fact, the leftist NY Times is encouraging our troopers to rat on their brothers.

Who “liked” a Trump Facebook post has to be a “far-right extremist,” with “a propensity toward racism, xenophobia, anti-government sentiments,”

Oh my!

Sorry NYT, but this is America, and none of that is illegal!

Curiously, the NYT apparently does not consider “far-left extremists” to be of any concern!

NYT editorialists, little more than marionettes for the DNC, obviously see nothing wrong with an aggressive “turn-in-your-neighbor” program, where anyone harboring “non-government-approved-thoughts” can be identified, labeled, put on a “List,” excluded from participation,

and all that is just for starters!

This is so Stalinesque!

“A strength of Communism is that it has the character of a religion, and inspires emotions of a religion” –Albert Einstein

U.S. Marines and the U.S. Mail


“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a Proverb! Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan, ‘Press On!’ has solved, and always will solve, the problems of the human race.”

Calvin Coolidge, US President, 1923-29


During the “Roaring 1920s,” our national economy was booming, and US Troops, particularly US Marines, were being sent to Turkey, China (multiple times), Honduras, Panama, Nicaragua, et al, in an effort to provide protection for Americans and American interests and to assist in putting-down local brushfires.

By design, US Marines were instantly mobile, and thus represented the standard “go-to” military option for Presidents Harding (1921-23) and Coolidge (1923-29).

(Warren Harding died, suddenly and unexpectedly, probably of cardiac arrest, at the age of 57, on 2 Aug 1923. Harding was succeeded by his vice-president, Calvin Coolidge, who served-out Harding’s term and was himself subsequently elected President in 1924)

Throughout the decade, Marine personnel and resources were understandably stretched to the limit. Most foreign postings were dangerously understrength!

Europe was in a deep economic depression during the decade of the 1920s. America successfully escaped, until “Black Tuesday,” 29 Oct 1929, when the US stock market precipitously crashed, ushering-in the “Great Depression” of the 1930s, as well as the infamous “Gangster Era!”

The Gangster Era was actually pretty well established during most of the 1920s, with armed gangsters regularly robbing banks, trains, and mail trucks. It was not uncommon for mail-truck drivers and mail-handlers to be murdered in the process.

The latter became such a formidable problem that in 1921 President Harding instructed his Secretary of the Navy, Edwin Denby, to consult with the Commandant of the Marine Corps, Maj General John Lejeune, to:

“Detail as guards for the United States mails a sufficient number of officers and men of the United States Marine Corps so as to protect the mail from the depredations by robbers and bandits.”

Placed in charge was two-time Medal-of-Honor-winner, Marine General Smedley D Butler (“Ol’ Gimlet Eye”), veteran of WWI and guerrilla wars of Central America. Not one to mince words, Butler brought unconfused, no-nonsense leadership to this assignment!

US Marines thus served as armed domestic mail guards for four months in 1921 and for several more months when they were recalled in 1926. After the first posting in 1921, the US Mail Service organized its own security service, but it proved not up to the task, so Marines had to be recalled five years later.

No robberies were ever attempted when US Marines were guarding the mail!

For this duty, all Marines assigned were continuously, visibly armed with pistols, shotguns, rifles, and Thompson SMGs. They rode in mail trucks and trains, often seated with the driver, sometimes in with the mail itself. Such details were always understrength, often consisting of only one Marine, by himself.

And, unlike mealy-mouthed, sissified, tenebrious ROEs of today (issued by politicians, in and out of uniform, who are far more interested in leftist political agendas and in the welfare of their precious criminals, than in the lives of their own men), standing orders got right to the point!

And, they leave scant doubt with regard to our duty and to whose side we’re on!

Denby himself told these Marine Guards:

“To the Men of the Mail Guard, you must keep your weapon(s) in-hand and, when attacked, shoot and shoot to kill. When two Marines are covered by a robber, neither must put up his hands, but both must immediately go for their guns. One may die, but the other will get the robber, and the mail will get through. When our Corps guards the mail, that mail must be delivered, or there must be a Marine dead at his post. There can be no compromise.

When necessary, in order to carry out the foregoing orders, you will make the most effective use of your weapon(s), shooting any person engaged in theft of the mail entrusted to your protection.”

It is no wonder that these Marines were so proud of their Corps, so proud to serve, and so unafraid of their charge and duty. They were sure of the righteousness of their cause and orders, and they knew and understood that those up the food-chain, right up to the President himself, would steadfastly stand behind them (unlike today)!

A short manual was written in an effort to provide additional, specific guidance to Marines assigned to these details. The “FAQ section” of the manual tells the story:

“Q: Suppose the robber is using a gun or making threats with a gun in trying to escape?

A: Shoot him

Q: Suppose the thief is apparently unarmed but running away?

A: Call ‘Halt’ twice at the top of your voice, and when he does not halt, fire one warning shot; when he still does not obey, shoot him.

Q: Is it permissible to take off my pistol while on duty; for instance, when in a mail-car riding between stations?

A: No! Never take off your pistol while on duty. Keep it loaded, locked, and cocked.

Q: Is there a general plan for meeting a robbery?

A: Yes! Start shooting and meet developments as they arise thereafter.

Q: When I hear the command ‘Hands Up,’ am I justified in obeying this order?

A: No! Fall to the ground and start shooting.

Q: Is it possible to make a successful mail robbery?

A: Only over a dead Marine.”

It is no wonder no one ever called their bluff!

That same manual, if written today, would be several reams long!

It would be chock-full of confusing, mealy-mouthed, self-contradictory legal terms, would require a team of Philadelphia lawyers to “interpret”, and all assigned to the actual details would know and understand that if they ever so much as touched their (unloaded) weapons, the manual would be scoured, front to back, to find some obscure place where it could be said that they “violated policy”

They and their “mission” would thus be a joke!

We’ve come a long way!

“Bad as political fiction can be, there is always a politician prepared to make it look ‘artistic,’ by comparison.”

Christopher Hitchens


A self-declared “Special Class of Citizens,” a new class of slave-owners!

Courtesy of DTI

“Judicial systems that enforce inequality as law are tools of subjugation.” -Wayne Gerard Trotman

Making our guns “inaccessible!”

Dublin, CA, an SF suburb, has just passed a local ordinance requiring all gun owners to make their guns inaccessible and utterly unusable in any timely manner in their own homes. Many other CA cities are following along! Guns must be “inside a locked container or ‘disabled’ with a trigger-lock”

Translated into plain English:

“You can have guns (for now), but they need to be, at all times, inaccessible and unusable”

A curious exception is made when a guns is “under the control of a peace officer.” No one seems to know what “under control” means!

However, it would appear that police officers are exempt from obeying this law, and since city council members have some “arrest authority,” they are all exempt too! So once again, corrupt liberals pass laws that they themselves are not required to obey! This is all orchestrated by Bloomberg’s campaign to perniciously erode state preemption and Supreme Court rulings that establish our Second Amendment Rights as American citizens.

And, we all know how these liberals intend to enforce this new law:

When a violent burglary/home-invasion suspect is successfully repelled by an armed homeowner, the prosecutor will grant immunity from prosecution to the home-invader, in exchange for his testimony that the homeowner was able to become armed “too fast,” and was thus likely in violation of this ordinance. Thus, violent criminals go free. Honest citizens who have the audacity to exercise their Constitutional Rights go to jail. That’s “liberal paradise,” and precisely what is happening right now in Canada.

Everyone knows that guns which are “perfectly safe,” are “perfectly useless,” exactly what liberals want: Helpless, defenseless, dependent citizens who are continuously at the mercy of violent criminals, whom liberals are coddle and protect! At the same time, arrogant, elitist, liberal politicians (is there another kind?) get to keep their guns readily accessible, even “weapons of war,” because, of course, they’re “essential!” Will our courts ever bring us relief from these sleazy hypocrites, this self-declared “special class of citizens,” these Constitutional criminals?

“Socialism simply substitutes the judgment of the individual with the judgment of a few arrogant elites. Not so dissimilar to slave owners!” -Kathy Barnette

The Fate of Dissenters Living in a Leftist Regime

Communist love to kill other Communist, it’s a historical fact.

Study Stalin’s Great Purge sometime and when you are picking your jaw up off the floor reading about the massive number of people killed, remember that the vast majority of those people are all Stalin’s fellow Communist “comrades”.

From Defense Training International


 “We were devotedly supporting the (Communist) Program, and we knew our punches were landing where they should But, we never foresaw those hits coming to us!”

 That brutally stark observation from a (former) ardent socialist in Venezuela. Some of Maduro’s fellow professing Marxists are apparently not ardent enough in their unconditional worship of this Communist “popular leader.” None among those who question the Maduro/Communist Party Line get to die of old age, as we see! A Venezuelan radio personality, José Carmelo Bislick, who was solidly in the Maduro Camp, unquestioningly going along with the entire Maduro/Communist Agenda, discovered last August (too late, as it turns out) just how wrong he was!

He made the mistake of questioning the integrity of local officials with regard to gasoline availability. It seems Maduro’s cronies always have plenty, but no one else can find any! In much the same way, as we’re currently seeing in CA and NY, Communists here (masquerading as “Democrats”) never live-up to their own standards! When caught red-handed violating their own rules, they casually brush it off, insisting that they’re “essential,” and hence above the law. Shortly after he made those remarks, several armed men kicked-in the front door of Bislick’s home late one night, unannounced, mumbling something about a traffic infraction!

These thugs were, of course, members of Maduro’s own “FAES,” his version of the NKVD. (ANTIFA and BLM are currently being recruited to fulfill this same role in the USA, and they’re only too happy to step right up). They beat Bislick to within a inch of his life, in front of his family, and then dragged him away. His bullet-riddled body was discovered the next day, clad in a Che Guevara T-shirt. To no one’s surprise, the case remains “unsolved!” Bislick’s violent death is scarcely unusual for Venezuelan dissidents, even for Communist ideological allies (as we see) and it was far from the worst!

 Like his comrades in Cuba, Russia, China, Maduro adheres to the Communist M/O, to the letter! There’s an important lesson here for any professing American Democrat who might consider straying from the Democrat/Marxist Agenda. American Democrats who so much as express reservations with the AOC-promoted Communist “Order of Business” will immediately go on a “List.” Harassment, public vilification, violent assault, gulags, and eventual extermination by the Regime will be their inescapable lot. Communists do not “play nice” with dissenters. Never have Never will! “Can’t happen here,” you say? Dream on! The vast majority of Venezuelans confidently, naively said that same thing twenty years ago!

 “Our standard is political, imperative, and intolerant!” Leon Trotsky

Converting Law Abiding Citizens into Criminals

Converting Law-Abiding Citizens Into Criminals


“When the government doesn’t trust me with my guns, should I trust them with theirs?”

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

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