South Of The Border – AFV Sector —

Good to see others are keeping their head on a swivel.

I have constantly been telling folks for years stop worrying about an enemy 3,000 miles away when you have one at your doorstep.

Stay Vigilant.


H/t to the reader who sent: Lots of additional material at the link, including this piece: (Click to embiggen)

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Cartel Corner #50: Gulf Cartel Gunmen Ambush Mexican Intelligence Agents


CIUDAD MANTE, Tamaulipas — A team of cartel gunmen recently ambushed a squad of Mexican federal police officers near this Mexican city. The ambush turned into a pursuit and eventually a rescue effort as law enforcement officials searched for some of their missing comrades. 

Members of the intelligence division from Mexico’s Federal Police were ambushed last week as they travelled along the Ciudad Mante to Tampico highway near the Maclovio Herrera highway. The officers were overwhelmed by the sheer number of cartel gunmen in the ambush and were forced to flee requesting backup from fellow agents via radio. The gunmen are believed to be part of a Gulf Cartel strike team called Puma which appeared to not want to take any prisoners during the ambush. Federal agents were forced to go into hiding.  The cops ditched their vehicles and ran into the brush.

A group of federal police officers led by an officer identified as Sub-Inspector Alanis responded in a five truck convoy from a nearby location and used the Global Positioning System that police vehicles were equipped with in order to track down the ditched SUV.

Police and military forces from the Mexican port cities of Tampico and Madero under the command of Inspector General Israel Benitez rushed to the scene of the ambush and were able to locate the second missing police vehicle.

The Mexican Navy sent out a squad of 28 marines in six SUV’s and a helicopter under the command of Captain Luis Cuahutemoc Chacon to help comb the area in search of the missing police officers and to attempt to capture the cartel gunmen.

The police and military forces set out along various rural roads and during the search eventually faced off with the cartel gunmen twice. During one of the firefights, authorities seized an SUV that the gunmen left behind and an assault rifle.

Authorities did not make any arrest, but they managed to rescue all six federal agents that had gone missing in the brush. Despite the multiple firefights, authorities did not report any injuries or casualties.

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