Imported Muslim Rape Gangs Continue to Plague UK

Teenage Girls in the UK Launch Protest After Schoolgirl Raped by Illegal Aliens from Afghanistan


Let’s not forget this kind of bullshit has been going on in the UK for more than a decade now with help from the corrupt and complicit British Government and Law enforcement.






Transforming Britain into Brazil

Transforming Britain into Brazil


First off it is important to understand the Globalist LIE that Brazil’s diversity is some kind of fairy-tale “Success” Story.

The FACTS tell us otherwise.


The idea of a collapse because of mass immigration is flawed, though it was popular in our part of the internet for many years. The fall of civilisations are never really as clear cut as we like to think. In history civilisations rise and fall but usually there is more of a transition than an outright Armageddon scenario. When the Western Roman Empire collapsed, the new realms which emerged, like those of the Franks and Ostrogoths, were ruled by Germanic elites who intermarried with Roman patricians. These societies were hybrids that deteriorated over several centuries, with classical infrastructure like aqueducts falling into disrepair gradually. In many ways the early medieval period was akin to a High Street where half the shops are boarded up.

Elites favour their own interests above all and are not coming to our rescue. One may think hypothetically that some Alfred the Great-like figure would rouse the English to reclaim their destiny. Yet history shows that elites are far more likely to embrace the new conquerors to preserve their wealth and status once the initial war is over. That war was fought and lost in the 1960s, and in my view this is one of the reasons why global liberalism is now seen as the ‘correct line of thinking’ for middle and upper class people. The elites have switched their allegiance from national to international, from their own people to global liberalism. And in the 5th century, the remaining Roman patricians married off their daughters to Germanic conquerors in return for positions and other reasons. Status is hardwired into our brains, and the temptation for many is too strong.




Diversity Watch

Diversity Watch


Successful societies become bloated. It is not that they become weak, but that so many weak people appear that a market for delusion is created.

Their wealth is not the cause of their problems, but it allows the weak to survive and prosper, just like technology does. 

In other words, we see two models of civilization:

One optimizes production and dies by bloating; the other optimizes control and dies by fighting over control. Obviously the former triumphed with the rise of the West, but it remains to be seen if it can resist the many attempts to dominate it, including most likely from within, since that is what took down the Greek and Roman states as well as Aethelred II.

We might call these models “supply-based” and “demand-based.” Supply-based systems seek to increase production, creativity, and invention, even if these are not equally distributed and therefore a hierarchy of wealth, power, and status emerges; demand-based societies aim to give things to their citizens in order to enforce unity, and therefore need more tax targets. The West has always been supply-based, at least until the most recent conquest, and the rest of the world especially the third world appears to be demand-based.

Our political shift toward egalitarianism, starting with the French Revolution but accelerating after WW2, changed us from a supply-based organic society to a demand-based modern state run for the perpetuity of government, not the perpetuity of the civilization or its best citizens.






Once upon a time… — The Old Inheritance

Refuse to accept the Status Quo and be a convert to the PC religion.

Stand up to the Rising of the Red Tide.

Vermont Folk Troth

Once upon a time we were a more homogeneous people, a nation, yet now it appears that there are more than a few born outside our country who are now in public office, often holding important positions. It would appear that everyone who holds the power to appoint people to these positions has accepted the Politically Correct dogmas: ”Diversity is our strength”, “We’re all Americans, whether born or made”, etc. Everybody in the Western world seems to have surrendered, but is there any evidence to support these fanatics of Political Correctness religious belief systems?

Americans may or may not know that our Founding Fathers (who are in disrepute with the Politically Correct Herd now) warned us, their posterity, not to yield to foreign influence nor to place foreign-born people in public office. The book of Deuteronomy tells Christians that we are to choose from among our own…

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Borders Matter to Dems! LOL! When the Border is Between NY and Rhode Island!

Yeah, folks are coming to the realization that these terms that were so haphazardly thrown around a few months ago like “Open Borders” “Multiculturalism” “Diversity” and “Inclusiveness” all equal DEATH.

Prepare and Act Accordingly.

This story gave me a laugh (I know it is a serious issue)! However, I can’t help chuckling about the Open Borders Dems who all of a sudden are… 252 more words

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