How Much Cash Should You Keep In Your Home?

How Much Cash Should You Keep In Your Home?


Regardless of your budget, you should always maintain SOME cash at Home, my advice would be a minimum of three month’s operating expenses if you can swing it.

As far as Stash spots, get creative!

Prepare Accordingly!


If Food Rationing Can Happen in Germany, It Can Happen HERE

Food Shortages are a REALITY in the World right now.

Food Rationing is Coming Soon to FUSA.

Prepare Accordingly.


Tornado Drill For Real


Last night things got spicy and exciting at the Hermit’s Cave.

We had “Rotation and Flying Debris” of a possible Tornado reported 12 minutes away from my back door around 9:30 p.m. last night

As soon as we got the alert I turned on my NOAA radio (highly recommend you have one of these) and listened to the play by play from the NWS in Shreveport (hour and a half away).

Surprisingly, the power stayed on throughout the ordeal which has never been the case in past incidients.

At any rate me, the wife unit, my teenage son and all the animals (we had placed in cages) all got in the “middle of the house, away from windows” and covered ourselves with blankets and a queen sized mattress from the spare bedroom until we got the all clear.

A Funny side note: We all donned our Kevlar Helmets that I had bought when I purchased Level III vest for everybody a couple years back. We must have been a sight to behold! 😎

After we got the all clear there was no damage to us, the house or my property except for a lot of tree limbs and debris in the yard.

No word yet on if anybody else was hurt or killed in the surrounding area.

Definitely an ass puckering moment to say the least.

Things I learned:

  • This thing happened SUPER FAST (in under 5 minutes) so the KEY is having a Plan and Working the Plan!

  • In our case our only choice since we did not have a basement or shelter was to Huddle in the Middle of the House, which in retrospect may have been our only option but IMO was not a good one.

  • I will be building an underground Storm Shelter this spring.

The Rules of Surviving a Black Market Economy

The Rules of Surviving a Black Market Economy


Take Heed.

Coming VERY SOON to a town/city near you!

Learn this Lesson Now: A Civilian “Militia” is more than Guys with Guns, It’s People that Help when the “Government” Could not Find it’s Ass with both Hands

Cajun Navy heads to Louisiana to help Hurricane Ida recovery efforts


God Bless these VOLUNTEERS who put it all on the line to Help those in need.

A majority of the time they are using their personal vehicles, boats and gas to help out.

If You want to Donate or Help Out click HERE.