Dose of Truth by Dilbert


Dress “Down” Essentials

The essence of this piece is prove to you that dressing “Tacti-cool” is not cool… if you carry a legally concealed weapon or want to remain “anonymous” in public so as not to alert strangers to your interest or training. Dressing “loud” or in other words dressing as to attract attention and notify other people that you are possibly armed and part of the “Concealed carry/tactical training/gun” sub-culture gives the aware criminal or “less than honest” person a heads up of what type of individual you might be…. In poker terms, dressing like this “Shows your hand”.

Law Enforcement already use this technique to ID potential violent individuals. A great example of this is the time I got stopped for speeding on my way back from a rifle training class..I was fully decked out in Multi-Cam camo and tacti-cool items with drag bags and shooter mats thrown in the back…as soon as the cop walks up to my door and see me in the camo the first question out of his mouth was “Do you have any weapons on your person or in the vehicle today?” I considered it logical for him to assume this since I looked like I was about to invade Grenada… So that brings us to the first rule in Dress Down Essentials:

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