Corporate Big Brother and the Slow Death of the Second Amendment


In the flurry of news yesterday and today concerning social media giants like YouTube and Redditt deciding to jump on the ever-popular anti-gun bandwagon, this statement stuck out to me from this article:

“2018 is starting to sound a lot like “1984.” Orwell may have been right, he just didn’t expect that it would be corporations and not the government playing Big Brother.”

Traditionally, we (law abiding gun owners and supporters of the Second Amendment) have always assumed the enemy to the 2A and our Right to Bear Arms has been liberal elements within the government and their weak minded gender neutral SJW constituents.

But what if the paradigm has shifted?

What if now the real threat to the Second Amendment is no longer liberals within the Government but private businesses?

As an example, consider how Dick’s Sporting Good recently decided to STOP selling AR-15 rifles altogether.

Now I realize at first glance this theory does not seem very plausible. After all, private businesses do not hold any legislative or judicial power to make or change laws, and if a company does something a group does not like, they can just be boycotted, so where is the real threat you ask?

The threat, as I see it, is twofold.

The first deals with Information Warfare.

“Taking control of the narrative” is something I have studied a lot about. Historically, it applies to Guerilla Warfare and the manipulation of the masses in terms of currying public support for a cause. In modern parlance, it refers to how powerful social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Redditt shape people’s opinions about hot-button topics (lately the subject of ‘fake news’ has been all the rage). It is estimated that close to 70% of all adults get their news from social media sources. Now consider the people who own and run these sites and their overall agenda. Most all these people are flaming liberals. The silicon valley crowd especially. Not exactly gun friendly to say the least, right?

The second part of the threat deals with Finances and Banks.

CitiGroup just announced their intention to Regulate Firearm Sales.

“This policy will apply across the firm, including to small business, commercial and institutional clients, as well as credit card partners, whether co-brand or private label. Under the policy, we will require new retail sector clients or partners to adhere to these current best practices: (1) they don’t sell firearms to someone who hasn’t passed a background check, (2) they restrict the sale of firearms for individuals under 21 years of age, and (3) they don’t sell bump stocks or high-capacity magazines.”

Citigroup Demands Gun Sellers Restrict Sells or Else

Not Good Folks.

Now for a worst case scenario.

Give all of this some time (say two years down the road when a democrat is in the White House or maybe if Trump is swayed by persuasive Democrats?) and the Federal Government sees the trend that Private Business wants to “regulate” firearms and of course, being liberals, decides to jump in to help. The unholy union of Big Government and Private Business combine forces to destroy Constitutional Freedoms. You do not have to be a legal genius to see where all this is going. Universal Background checks, assault weapons ban, High Capacity magazine bans, etc., etc.

This is the beginning of the Death of the Second Amendment friends.

UNLESS….we as Citizens stand up to this lunacy!

If you are a customer of ANY of these company’s services, write them and let them know how you feel about it!

I am not a legal scholar but I think there is grounds of Anti-Trust and Discrimination lawsuits here.

Write your Congressman and Senators and request their help with Regulatory legislation on these banks that want to pursue these non-sensical policies. In short, do not be silent!

Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!

Some more reading on YouTube’s New Anti-Gun Policies

Why The Mom and Pop Gun Store Will Always Be the Backbone of the 2A


So recently the big news on the gun control front was that the big national sporting goods chain, Dick’s Sporting Goods, would STOP selling AR-15 type Rifles and RAISE the age limit to buy Long guns from 18 to 21 years of age. In true spineless corporate fashion, L.L Bean, Wal-Mart and Kroger (Fred Meyer Stores) announced they would  also be raising the age limit from 18 to 21 for long gun purchases. Kroger went so far as to announce they would discontinue the sale of firearms completely in their Fred Meyer locations. If you have been keeping up, this really isn’t that big a piece of news. Dick’s Sporting Goods stopped selling AR-15 Rifles after the Sandy Hook massacre.

Listen folks, as long as you put faith in these Corporate goons like Dick’s Sporting Goods and Ed Stack who is reported to be worth a cool $1.2 BILLION to look out for your Second Amendment rights you are going to be let down. Why? Because they are public companies, traded on the NYSE and as such, are beholden to New York and International  liberal shareholders and boards whims and opinions. In other words folks, this move has nothing to do with “morals” or ‘Doing the right thing because of those kids”, it is because of profit margins and not pissing off liberal shareholders who threatened to pull their 5 and 10% stakes in the company if this wasn’t done. Simple economics always explains most things in the business world, not morality.

The only hope we gun owners have is the small, NON-CORPORATE “Mom and Pop” Gun store. Almost every town of any size has one and they need our patronage! These small businesses have always been there for us. They don’t sway in the political winds of change. They do not fall prey to the latest trends. They simply stay rock solid through it all. Because after all, they could give two craps about people’s “Opinions”, because in the economy of small business, they, the owner and operator, control the purse strings, not a board of directors or a small group of investors. When you look at it from a broad perspective, this is the reason the small, non-corporate business ENCAPSULATES the true Democratic ideal of freedom.

So my fellow gun owners, make your decision now who you are going to patronize for your next gun or ammo purchase. Remember the list above of retailers and the decisions they have already made and ask yourself “Do I really want to support a company with these kind’s of beliefs?”

To me, the answer is crystal clear. Hell No!

Stay Dangerous!