Calculating your “Threat Score”

As technology advances in our society, those sci-fi movies that everybody thought were outlandish and far-fetched will start being seen as harbingers. After reading this article, watch a few minutes of the movie “Minority Report”. “Psychic Technology” is nothing more now than an advanced algorithm. -SF


Emergence of License Plate Readers

Are you still naive enough to think it’s nobody’s business where you’ve been??? Big Brother begs to differ!

Suppose someone were to follow you around in your car 24 hours a day and record where you were, who you were with, where you parked and how long you were there. Then suppose this person put together a complex picture of your home, habits, and routes. You would rightly think that you were being stalked. However, when the police or private companies do this exact thing with license plate reader technology, they claim that your car has no right to privacy because it is on the public streets in plain view. The plain view isn’t the issue-it’s the picture that is drawn from the massive databases.

When media outlets broke the news broke the news that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had gone out to bid for an extensive database that could track, sort, analyze and store information from license plate readers nationwide, the bid was withdrawn within days by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The DHS Secretary, Jeh Johnson, was quoted as saying he was unaware of the solicitation and was canceling the contract based on concerns raised by privacy advocates. What Johnson did not say was that the DHS already has a massive database of license plate information supplied by a nationwide network and run by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). He also did not say that the feds have ready access to a private database that is collected and stored by Vigilant Solutions.


Vigilant Solutions runs a nationwide system of LPRs and has stored over a billion images of vehicles, drivers, and other identifying information that is categorized by date and GPS location. This “service” and others like it are adding to their databases to the tune of 35 to 50 million new records each month. There is no law requiring the records to ever be deleted.

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