Coming to America

Coming to America


Are The Del Rio Haitians The Forerunners Of The Coming African Inundation?

When you combine that problem with the Afghan influx of rapist and murderers, you have as the old adage goes:

“A Steaming Shit Sandwich in which we all must take a bite.”



Haitian Mystery Flights

H/T Border Hawk

Government Financed Illegal Importation of Illegals


Texas News: Migrants Swarm Border in Del Rio Texas

The Del Rio TX Disaster—”Like Watching A Nation Busily Engaged In Heaping Up Its Own Funeral Pyre”


At no other time in history has the President of the United States and his brain dead Cabinet put American citizens in so much physical danger from foreign invasion than now.

The video above shows HAITIAN’S crossing en masse by the thousands and God knows what other third world vagrants and criminals.

It makes me physically sick to see my State and my Country being WILLINGLY invaded. Debyshire was right, we are building our own funeral pyre.

Look at all the filth and garbage these POS leave behind.

There is no better analogy for what awaits America from this point on.

Prepare Accordingly.

This is now the Federal status quo.

The only way forward is for State and local Communities to join together and Say NO, we don’t want your kind here.