Benefits of Being Pro-Active with your Front Door Security


You know you don’t have to look very far now-a-days to find reasons WHY to do something regarding PERSONAL SECURITY; from Active Shooter’s to Flash Mob’s, the news stories are abundant with cautionary tales. This is especially true in regards to Home Security, but not in the way you way think. Consider the latest cautionary tale of home security woe out of Dearborn, Michigan. Theodore Paul Wafer, 54,┬áis being charged with 2nd Degree Murder for shooting and killing 19 year old Renisha McBride on his front porch. According to Wafer, he thought McBride was trying to break into his house and according to his testimony, the shotgun that killed McBride “accidentally discharged”. Since there is no other eye-witnesses to this incident, Wafer is left with only his testimony for his defense. Not Good Folks.

Consider a “what if” for a minute, (not a hair-brained attempt to armchair quarterback Wafer’s actions that night either, since NONE OF US were there!) What if you had a nice, sharp, color video of the event in your corner? I know, I know, a lot of you out there are fed up with cameras everywhere you go..Big Brother “monitoring” you on the road, in the bank and at the mall. Plus every jackass with a smart-phone playing Steven Spielberg, recording everything under the sun, looking for the next big You-Tube viral vid. But think for a second how being pro-active and placing a small dome camera above your front porch would benefit you in this case; it could mean the difference between a grand jury no-bill and spending 20 years of your life wasting away in prison on a murder rap.

The logistics to get this going of this is uber-simple. The only 2 additions I would personally make is to add a simple motion detector and really bright lighting (if you don’t already have that) along with the camera. That way, if someone comes to your door, you get an automatic chime to notify you of their presence. And of course, the camera automatically records (for posterity) every detail of what happens next.

Of course, some of the more “economically” minded folks out there are one step ahead of me here and have already duct taped a web cam (aimed at their front porch or front walk) to their front window. Far be it from me to dismiss such “Macgyver Like” ingenuity, but I would highly suggest investing in modest, stand alone security camera setup that would allow 24/7 digital DVR recording. Remember, this piece of gear COULD help save your life one day considering the amount of burglaries, home invasions and weird incidents like the one in Dearborn.

Things are get crazier and crazier out there my fellow CO’s, and besides being Pro-Active in our physical security training, we also need to be pro-active in stacking the odds in our favor in regards to defending our self-defense actions, especially at our homes. Always remember, Joe Q Public and the backwards American Legal System are not there as your allies, even if you are in the right sadly. The only things you will have going for you is what you have PREPARED to help you.

Remember: The Final Weapon is the Brain, all else is Supplemental. Get Educated on your State’s Self-Defense Laws, Especially Laws ┬áregarding Protection of Property. DO NOT depend on somebody else’s biased interpretation.

Be Pro-Active, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!!! The Adventure Continues………..